Report: Kamala Harris Campaign Brought in Crowd to ‘Boost’ Cheering During Her DNC Speech

Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) campaign brought in dozens of cheering supporters to enthusiastically react to her Democratic National Committee (DNC) speech in San Francisco Friday, according to The Atlantic’s Edward-Isaac Dovere.

Breitbart: Harris delivered a speech at the DNC meeting Friday and reportedly had dozens of supporters — purportedly supplied by her campaign — who cheered during her speech and promptly left after it was finished.

“It’s time to turn the page,” Harris said during the stump speech.

“To do that, I believe we must have the ability to successfully prosecute the case against four more years of Donald Trump, and it’ll take a prosecutor to do that,” she said, repeating one of her key lines.

However, some say Harris’s support was not organic.

“Kamala Harris’s speech at the DNC was boosted by a cheering section of about 40 people that her campaign brought in, erupting every time she hit a big line — and then that group got up and walked out as soon as she finished,” Dovere wrote: more

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  1. How much did they pay her 40 rent a supporters to attend her speech? Or did they just pay them in kind with booze and cigarettes and fried chicken and watermelons and walking around money? Isn’t this considered to be a bribe which is supposedly illegal?

  2. Translation: The Harris speech was so bad they had to bring in s hired auience to gve thr impression it esd well recieved by the hired hands.

  3. Rent a mob — classic definition of astro-turfing. These people wouldn’t know organic ‘anything’ if you hit them in the head with a rutabaga.

  4. False supporters are nothing more than a lie being perpetrated on the people.

    And nothing good comes from lies, the more they are used the worse the eventual results will be when truth catches up to them.

    There is no way to outrun a lie, it is faster than you are and it will catch you no matter how you try to avoid it.

    The question for me is: How many of the people will believe these lies because they are what they want to hear instead of hearing the truth? And when will that inevitable day of reckoning for them come.

  5. Common practice, the media is in a feeding frenzy on low hanging fruit (heels up Kamala) which distracts voters from Biden’s dementia, Pocahontas’s failures and the socialist policies of the DNC.

  6. After Bette Midler accused Trump of paying black men to attend his rally, I reckon this was inevitable. They always first accuse us of what they’re later found to be doing themselves.

  7. …huh, a Democrat lied, misrepresented, claimed a mandate where there was none, and the media supported it and hid the facts?

    …this just sounds like Democrats doing what Democrats do. And in THIS case, just to make her feel good, since I’m QUITE sure she’s long since been told to publicly throw her support to “Michelle” when they “Draft” “Michelle” from the floor at the convention, so Kammy knows damn WELL she AIN’T gonna be the nominee…

  8. Read it wrong at first. Thought it said campaign brought in Clown. Probably was right, but Obama and Biden were busy. Biden was in Vermont.

  9. I guess there’s a little Clinton in Kamala. And I’m not talking about Bill’s willie. Although that too, probably.

  10. Supernightshade, I thought Mitch would snap up the D.C. Shadow Senate seat in 2018. She already had a D.C. address. All she had to do was announce her candidacy, and the old white guy who had the seat would roll over. It’s the kind of do-nothing, patronage job at which she’d excel, and it’d be the perfect stepping stone to a Presidential campaign. Didn’t happen. That told me she was done with politics for good. The Martha’s Vineyard mansion purchase just confirmed it for me.

    She wants to be a celebrity, not a politician, and no amount of begging and wishcasting is going to get her to run. She has stated emphatically many times that she has no interest in the White House, and I am 99% sure that’s not a head-fake. And you know that Barky has no interest in campaigning for another delusional, mediocre woman against Trump, even if–especially if– it is his wife. But we will see a year from now who’s right.

  11. Thirdtwin
    AUGUST 25, 2019 AT 11:00 AM

    “… And you know that Barky has no interest in campaigning for another delusional, mediocre woman against Trump, even if–especially if– it is his wife.”

    …you make some good points, but I don’t think “woman” and “wife” are appropriate things to call a guy like that, which is why I ALWAYS use quotation marks when discussing the “Obamas” as there is nothing that is NOT questionable about them…

    …also, BELIEVE me, I am NOT wishing “she” run…i’m DREADING it. Because if it happens, there goes the woman vote and the Black vote, there’s NO primary campaign self-made commercials to use against “her”, no stated positions to run against, the Clown Car Democrats will make anything “She” says sound reasonable in comparison, and the debates will be lots of questions for “her” about her vegetable garden, interspersed with things like “Michelle, I am amazed at the grace you’re showing to just stand on the same stage with a White Supremacist misogynist like that mother**** over there. Tell me, did you learn such poise at the shoulder of the Best President Ever, or does it come naturally”?, while President Trump gets “Now, I’m not going to let you attack this fine lady over here, Drumpf. Just tell me, if you can, if you taught your Russian colluders to be racists, or if it’s the other way around? Your time is up, racist, back to Michelle”.

    It just solves ALL their problems to hold “her” out as the uniter of the party, the moderate Black woman “justifiably angry at the treatmemt of “her” people”, and The Great Black Hope II for them to pass up.

    Also, it’s not work the way THEY do it. Fueling riots and importing enemies of the United States while robbing the taxpayers to gift huge amounts of money to corrupt cronies left Barry PLENTY of time to have Hollywood parties, hobnob with basketball stars, rap with his Minister of Mayhem Jay-Z, and just generally put his feet up on every damn thing. With loads of assistants and a compliant Congress on BOTH sides of the aisle, Federal agencies still shot through with “her” “husband’s” traitors, and a lickspittle media to run cover, the destruction is practically on autopilot.

    No, I don’t WANT to be right. I pray that YOU are.

    …I just can’t shake the feeling of doom, though, and it comes disguised as a woman…

  12. @ SNS: COMPLETE Nightmare Scenario – and one that has haunted me for awhile.

    If “It” gets in, at least it’ll be a faster death for the hopes of humanity than the one the rest of the clowns guarantee. And we will have deserved it.

  13. Packing the audience with cheerleaders has been SOP for centuries.
    The tactic may be more effective nowadays due to selective reporting and editing by a complicit media.

  14. @SNS: Your fears are well-founded. The dems treatment of Tulsi Garrard reveals their intent to coronate Kamala at the 2020 convention. I think the DNC was complicit in helping Kamala with this astroturf stunt. Unless something dramatic happens, Kamala WILL be the dems 2020 candidate.


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