Report: Michael Avenatti to Lose Ferrari, Pay $160k/Month in Divorce Settlement

Breitbart: Michael Avenatti, the anti-Trump attorney best known for representing porn star Stormy Daniels, will be forking over millions of dollars in cash and assets as part of a divorce settlement with his estranged wife.

Court filings obtained by TMZ state that a judge in Orange County, California, ordered Avenatti to pay $162,295 per month—amounting to $1.9 million upfront—in child support and spousal support to Lisa Storie-Avenatti.

The settlement not only required Avenatti to cough up money for child and spousal support, but also required the left-wing lawyer to give up material possessions—including a 2017 Ferrari 488 GT Spider valued at $300,000, luxury wristwatches with an estimated $50,000 price tag, and high-priced works of art.


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  1. He married a woman that is going to deprive him of wristwatches.

    Think about that a moment.

    That isn’t monetary greed. This is stomping your balls into the concrete. And it seems his divorce lawyer is no more competent than himself.

  2. Being ordered to pay child and spousal support up-front removes these assets from the reach of multifarious creditors, while satisfying obligations that would, in any event, have been non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.

    (Also didn’t the newly-ex-wife testify on Avenatti’s behalf in his recent domestic violence arrest against girlfriend?)

  3. janitor, but would she secretly give the items back to him? lol.
    And he still owes tons of back taxes. Either way, his rep is screwed, and not just with the Right. 😀

  4. “He married a woman that is going to deprive him of wristwatches”

    I can just imagine. Roll eyes.

    I have seen wristwatches that had been owned by NBA & NFL players, creepy porn lawyers (Seattle is crawling with them) etc and money is no substitute for taste. In fact the exact opposite seems to be rather common.

    The sleazy daniels of wristwatches

    I developed a friendship with a guy who was in the jewelry business since high-school (he really admires a nice collection of WWII pilot’s watches that I acquired long before the prices skyrocketed and we share a mutual admiration for Hamilton pocket watches), he worked for one of the big west coast retailers that had Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tiffany, Jaeger LeCoultre etc and then went into business on his own. He is retained to liquidate the belongings of people who have been sued through the floor or are so far in debt that they will never see the light of day.

  5. I have a hard time feeling sorry for people who lament that “I lost my Ferrari in a divorce.”

  6. Now, I’m fantasizing . . . what could I do with over $160K a month.

    (That’s if he can pay. I think his 15 minutes are up and his pockets are turned out.)

    Pay the bills (cars, utilities, phone and tax escrow) about 1.5 grand.

    Pay the food bill (we buy too much) about 300 hundred or more on occasion.

    Medicare suplement and prescription drugs – about $300 each.

    So what do we have left? Hundreds of thousands to give to the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, St. Jude, and our Vets .

    You think this snake oil salesman or his wife will think of any charity?

    I think not.

    Grifters. Just like the Clintons on a smaller scale.

  7. This will make the MGTOW posts all the way! $160k/month??? (Men Going Their Own Way). Basically their gripe is that the courts are against them. And, also, women are opportunist when finding a mate.

  8. @CharlieW, it probably doesn’t matter, because if he hired/asked another sleaze to represent him, it was probably just as bad.

  9. Oh, my feelings of humanity for Avenatti seem to have been misplaced….Wait, I guess they were never there in the first place and they have grossly diminished since then.

  10. The bastard won’t know whether to shit or wind his wristwatch… oh wait…
    I guess it’s shittin time Mikey!
    Insert long horse-laugh for this horse’s ass here!!

  11. democRATs really know how to pick ’em, don’t they!
    The face of this Jackass should be shown coming out of the backside of the Party’s Donkey giving birth to a nuther piece of shit!

  12. Ramona, you mentioned St. Jude as a charity. My all time favorite. These folks actually get it.

    Every other year they get my annual bonus. Other years, I identify an individual in the local community with some help from local law enforcement. My guys there see more than any of the local welfare agencies and can identify the ones could use it. And they can deliver the help anonymously.


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