Report: NBC News President Attended Event with Weinstein Before Network Spiked Story

Breitbart: Looks as though I might owe NBC News an apology. Last week I accused the network of spiking Ronan Farrow’s bombshell Harvey Weinstein story in order to protect a high-powered, leftwing Democrat. You cannot blame me. That is what NBC does. Well, now it looks as though NBC’s motives might even be worse. Apparently, the just-appointed president of NBC News, Noah Oppenheim, is an ambitious screenwriter who recently attended an event with Weinstein.

Oppenheim already has three impressive screenwriting credits. Last year his biopic Jackie, starring Oscar-winner Natalie Portman, was released. That same year, he was a co-writer on Allegiant. In 2014, Oppenheim was one of three writers credited for The Maze Runner.

As if that is not already a major conflict of interest (more on this below), according to powerhouse producer Gavin Polone, Oppenheim was seen seated at an elite event with Weinstein in April: [emphasis added]  MORE

10 Comments on Report: NBC News President Attended Event with Weinstein Before Network Spiked Story

  1. Sounds like a Thief willing to keep a dangerous person safe, as long as he get’s fame and fortune ! He’s a thief for taking relevant news from Americans !!!

  2. Main Stream Democrat Media proves it is the refuge of perverted, leperous Leftist. Hopefully, Harvey Weinstein’s media colleagues will share the same fate as the potted plants in that New York restaurant when they finish cleaning up after this pig.

  3. Key line FTA: “What we do know for a fact is that NBC News had in its hands the story of the year and the biggest scandal in Hollywood history. NBC had audio recordings of Weinstein admitting to his crime and on-the-record sources. And they killed it.”
    John Nolte is the best. I am so glad he’s back at Breitbart.

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