Report: NFL Teams Still Have No Interest in Signing Kaepernick


Breitbart Sports:

If you think that Carolina’s recent signing of former anthem-protester Eric Reid means that Colin Kaepernick’s signing must be just around the corner, you should think again.

According to CBS’ Jason LaCanfora, despite the best efforts of Kaepernick’s agents, no NFL teams are interested in signing the league’s original anthem-kneeler.  MORE

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  1. Carolina is the team they want Puff Daddy and Jay Z to buy.

    Of course, throughout history blacks owned other blacks.

  2. I bet that now Nike has made him rich(er) he has pretty high demands for any team that would sign him. In fact he probably feels that he is more marketable via grievance than as an active player.

  3. Anniegirl- It’s a swan like a topiary you see in gardens. I’ve been expanding his fro for a while and I figured I’d landscape it from now on.
    I’m thinking elephant, next.

  4. Definition of black swan
    An event or occurrence that deviates beyond what is normally expected of a situation and that would be extremely difficult to predict. This term was popularized by Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable.” Mr Taleb is a finance professor and former Wall Street trader. [1]
    He took his title from the shock that Europeans experienced when they discovered black swans in Australia. Until then, their data told them that all swans were white, so the discovery was unexpected.
    A black swan in markets is an event that has not occurred in the past, thus rendering useless risk management models based on historic data. Such a risk model would assume that all swans were white.
    Mr Taleb suggests his idea has been misunderstood. The problem, he told the CFA Institute in 2008, is not that black swans occur often. Rather, it is that they have truly catastrophic and unpredictable effects when they do happen, and so risk managers should concentrate on guarding against them.

  5. MJA. Nice yob on the do.

    Perhaps some $100 bills poking out to and “fro” representative of the Nike deal, cause brutha it’s hard in the hood kneeling at the altar of Corp America.

    It’s for the Indonesian sweat shop children.

  6. Oh great, MJA! Just great. Now, with that do, he’s going to get hired. And, when the entire rest of the team’s popped their patellas, at the same time, he’s going to, single-handedly, beat the Bears. And Ditka’s ghost. And Jesus H. Christ. Have his business manager, Nassim Taleb short the dollar. While he’s at Disney World, having Mickey back that truck UP! The announcement of The Federal Reserve finally being audited will go public. The United States’ economy will collapse. And guess who’s got more money than George Soros? Well, at least, we can all live through a Chapelle sketch. I’m already stockpiling menthols.

  7. While I don’t watch the game – I noted that Fantasy Football Pro Forecast Magazine 2018 had 23 other un-employed, former players ranked much higher on their kneeling abilities. “Colin has a tendency to waver a bit after about 2 bars of the anthem and his un-attentiveness is not as dramatic as many other available kneelers. He is ranked # 24 on the current free-agent kneeler list for 2018”.

  8. I have NO Interest in Kaepernick. Goodall or the Felons Football League.
    Not one has displayed any characteristic I wish to be exposed to or immulate.

    Their attitude and actions cured me of watching the NFL several years ago.
    I do record some college football on saturday and watch a couple college ball of games on sunday.

  9. If I didn’t know better, I would think that this whole affair was a diabolical plot to destroy professional football and restore the slow and boring game of baseball to America’s number one sport.

    Aw, hell…anyone for chess?

  10. Perhaps Krapernick should lower his salary requirements to something a team might be willing to pay – like $15 an hour?

  11. Kneeling is a subservient position. Unless it’s in church in front of God what American would assume that posture?


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