Report: North Koreans Give Each Other Crystal Meth for Lunar New Year

Breitbart: The Chinese holiday of Lunar New Year is widely observed in both Koreas, albeit in very different ways. For example, North Koreans are reportedly giving each other crystal meth and other controlled substances as gifts to ring in the Year of the Pig.

According to Radio Free Asia (RFA) on Friday, South Koreans prefer to shower each other with New Year gifts of food including fruit and cans of Spam.

Yes, Spam. South Koreans love Spam. It is considered a symbol of high status, one of the finest gifts that can be given for Lunar New Year, which is known as “Chuseok” in Korean. Stew made with Spam is a popular item on restaurant menus.  more here

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  1. One of my friends fathers was a WW2 vet. Once while on a camping trip with them and some other folks, one couple asked if anyone wanted fried spam to go with our breakfast as they had made more than they would eat. My friends dad went on a rant that to this day I remember like it just happened. Don’t think he liked spam.

  2. I still like it once in a while. (Spam, not meth).

    I used to keep it in my desert gear on extended stays. Once the ice was gone fresh food was done for.

    Spam, kippered snacks, cheese in a can, and crackers did get old quickly for lunch tho.

    After one very serious encounter of nearly dying from thirst…i never went without excessive water.

  3. Honestly, almost nothing surprises me anymore, and crystal meth in North Korea doesn’t change that (although old rumors of the Burmese police getting people addicted to hard drugs that make them violent may have paved that trail).

    But that South Koreans LOVE spam? Really? I’ve never had it before but have heard it’s supposed to be so awful. I don’t have a hard time believing it because I’ve had other meat from a can and never touched it after, and won’t unless I’m starving.

    Apparently it was made to send to Britain as the war was winding down. “Specially processed American Meat” – according to _1940s House_, a reality show where the family lived under conditions as closely replicated to those of the 1940s as possible. They loved Vienna sausage, too, which re-inforces my belief that my (American) father really did teach my mother to cook.

  4. I haven’t had any in perhaps 45 years (spam). As I recall, our Moma would spring it on us once in a while. Spam sandwiches on white bread. Straight out of the can, sliced kinda thick and laid out on the bread. As I recall, it was not terrible aside from the consistency.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. I’m in Hawaii right now. Hawaiians LOVE spam. There’s a whole aisle of the supermarket dedicated to it. Unreal, the stuff is awful. Multiple flavors, etc. Gross

  6. @Do It, You Won’t: Spam was introduced prior to WW2 (1937) and the name is believed to be an abbreviation of “spiced ham”. It was extensively used in U.S. troop rations and was part of Allied aid to the Soviet Union during the War. After WW2 it became popular in England due to post-war food shortages and rationing.

  7. you guys all hate spam? good, more for me! i love it. treet, however, not so much. it’s spam’s retarded cousin…

  8. @VietVet, ah, it’s possible I am remembering that segment of the show incorrectly – and you’re right, it was during a segment when rationing was a big part of the events.

    “Spiced ham” sounds a lot better than the other name!

  9. I can’t even remember the last time I ate SPAM. The little canned Vienna sausages were far worse. I joke with my daughter every time we go grocery shopping that I threaten to buy some SPAM just because and she looks at me with a hell no look on her face. Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods hates SPAM but will eat just about everything else. I am also fond of kippered herring (no pickled herring please) and sardines in harrissa sauce which Trader’s Joe’s no longer stocks, good stuff.

  10. There’s a Hawaiian place near me that throws Spam into 3/4 of their dishes. But if you ask them, they’ll put it on the side for you. 😀

  11. loshonhora- I can eat it only if it’s fried. And only about 1 slice of it because any more than that gives me nausea. lol.
    Spam fried rice is good.

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