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Report: Not a Single Team Has Called Colin Kaepernick Since Workout

Breitbart: Colin Kaepernick showcased his skills for NFL teams just over a week ago at a workout at a local Atlanta high school.

However, according to a report, he hasn’t received any interest from any NFL teams.

As ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

The fact that the NFL tried to spark interest in Kaepernick last week, and could not, and that his reps made sure that video of the workout was delivered to every team, are just the latest signs that the chances are bleak that a team will step forward and sign him.


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  1. You can’t even imagine the damage this POS would do to your locker room.

    Of course playing isn’t his goal. It’s notoriety, pure and simple.

  2. Just shows how desperate the NFL is.

    Now, if they’d actually demand players STAND for the anthem and make halftime shows Patriotic that might help. And if they’d turn back to the warrior creed that football used to stand for likewise they might win back some fans.

    But that would be common sense…not woke!

  3. …huh, I figured the 0-11 Bengals would have snapped him up, if only to make SURE no one watches them embarrass themselves further the rest of the season…

  4. “Not a Single Team Has Called Colin Kaepernick Since Workout ”

    …actually, I bet they’ve called him a LOT of things since then, just not to his face…

  5. Professional sports teams in all of the major sports are littered with examples of toxic players who have skills, but manage to damage their teams through their actions. If these players can be traded, they get traded – but frequently they just get cut.

    Kaepernick was a divisive force both for his team and the NFL in general. He was, and remains unrepentant and the general impression is that he feels entitled to catch on with an NFL organization. That is fine; Kaepernick is free to voice his opinion and test whether or not his kneeling schtick is an appropriate First Amendment expression – but he is not free to escape the natural consequences of his actions. If NFL teams decide he is more damaging than helpful, they will not sign him.

    Ryan Leaf, a former promising quarterback, is now a college football color commentator. While watching a broadcast, I heard Leaf essentially admit his attitude and demeanor were inappropriate for the NFL – he wasn’t whining about his ouster from the league but merely stating what he has learned over the years and that he had to grow up. Kaepernick could learn from this type of self examination.

  6. …being locker room poison, dividing teams internally and externally, alienating fans from the game so they don’t bring their money from the stadium, and being such a difficult diva that you can’t even appear at your own special-boy workout and expect all the NFL teams to drive 60 miles across town just to see your aged, whiny ass doing a mediocre at best workout, decked in a T-shirt that indicated you would CONTINUE to be a problem for any team foolish enough to sign your never-that-great-in-the-first-place willful little being ISN’T a winning strategy?

    Who knew?

  7. …I have known a LOT of people over the years that would DELIBERATELY wear offensive T-Shirts, make outrageous demands, and say stupid things to DELIBERATELY blow interviews so they did NOT have to work when they didn’t want to work.


    …THIS guy seems like he’s doing the same thing. “Mom, I TRIED to get that job, honest, but I guess they just don’t like Black people, or something, now fix me some pizza rolls, ima gonna set some folks straight in a Fortnite marathon…”

  8. Fact of Life that Colon is oblivious to:

    Can you make sammiches? How ’bout fries?

  9. They do have professional football in Canada.

    Warren Moon tore it up before starting for Houston.

    Oh, wait. It’s not about playing football at all.

  10. I don’t care how athletic he is, Kinkydinks revealed himself to be such a worthless pussy that I would assume the three point stance to take a shot at him and I’m 61 y/o

  11. Anonymous
    NOVEMBER 25, 2019 AT 12:58 PM

    “Can you make sammiches? How ’bout fries?”

    …would YOU eat food HE made? ESPECIALLY if you’re White?

    …let’s ask Jessie Jackson if THAT’S a good idea…

    “Jackson had long bragged to black audiences that, as a waiter at the Jack Tar Poinsett Hotel in Greenville, he spat in white people’s food, presumably as a show of solidarity with oppressed peoples.”

    …yeah, no, none for me, thanks…

  12. When his lucrative contract with Nike finally expires, how long do you suppose it will take before he is dead broke? I give him 2 years, max.

  13. # 1 Rule at the Dog Dish: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!
    While his shenanigans were atrocious, they obviously didn’t rise to the level of firing (other players did the same thing and are still playing, granted they heard the message “STAND UP YOU DIRTBAGS!” loud & clear).
    But Caperdick couldn’t just stop there. Oh no, he had to go on the attack as well. No one was willing to put up with the prima donna.
    And then there is his girlfriend!!! Boy is she a hot mess.
    Nessa is on the sidelines (pun intended) doing everything she can to bring down the NFL (not that they need any help in that department).
    All because of _____________ (insert liberal cause here).

  14. You’re killing me Krapernick,
    Teams are in the business of winning. Not losing with a mediocre quarterback.
    In insurance terms you are a bad risk with no mitigating factors.
    Wyatt and Super have both spot on analysis
    You don’t want to play, you want to roll around and get sponsorships.
    Your off field antics prove you haven’t the maturity to be a professional anything

  15. Oh I don’t know, I think the Chinese Communist loving dirtbag NFL owners and players deserve to have him around and about their locker rooms and stinking up their profits!

  16. LIKE THE REST OF AMERICA, go protest OUTSIDE of your work area and keep your mouth shut and follow the rules while working with other people. Politics and Religion at work are huge no-nos to actual thinking adults.

    What a jerk!

  17. Wow.

    Maybe our overlords should force us to eat carrots
    so that we have good eyesight, wear helmets and kneepads when we go outside because we might fall down, and hold our hands when we pee-pee so that we don’t get scared, too.

    Jesus Christ, the US is fucked.


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