REPORT: NYSE traders shout ‘lock her up’ during Hillary speech

American Mirror: 

After being rendered useless to Wall Street, some stock traders now don’t care what happens to Hillary Clinton.

MSNBC reports as Hillary was giving her concession speech across town, some traders shouted “lock her up” on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

As Clinton mingled with donors and staffers after her speech at the New Yorker hotel on Wednesday, Tamron Hall said, “My colleague Carl Quintanilla — I’m reading this and — on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, according to Carl Quintanilla, people were booing, shouting lock her up.

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6 Comments on REPORT: NYSE traders shout ‘lock her up’ during Hillary speech

  1. Dammit, that’s frustrating! The video clip ends with “This is so…so…”. They cut the guy off before he could say “hilarious”.

  2. OT, Instagram. Some Hispanic guy posts, ” I sure hope Donald Trump doesn’t deport my illegal wife at (address). ( he gave a real address) To damn funny.

  3. The real question is, how much does Obama want his “legacy” saved to some extent?

    If he gives the Clinton crime family a blanket pardon the only “legacy” he will have is being the most openly corrupt individual to ever sit in the Oval office.

    I hope Trump explains to him when they are alone that any pardon of any of the Clintons will guarantee an all out investigation of every aspect of Obama’s life for the duration of Trump’s presidency with indictments handed down as appropriate.

    Further O should be made aware that a “pardon” doesn’t mean the investigation and public revelations will stop, thus reinforcing his mantle as most corrupt.

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