Report: Rep. Ilhan Omar’s husband busted her cheating when he made surprise visit to DC

He walked in on the congresswoman and her lover in their pajamas according to a new report.

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  1. I wonder would what would have happened if she did that to her husband in Somalia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen… ???

    Or certain parts of Minnesota?

  2. “Lover” is a funny word for “goat.”

    Pajamas? Are you kidding? Goats don’t wear pajamas!

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Kcir, “what would happen if?” Street vendors would be selling bags of rocks at elevated prices would be my guess.

  4. Bobcat,
    Well, I stand corrected.
    I’ve heard that Pete Butterbutt has pajamas designed just like those!
    (except with a mask)

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. …so, will the stoning be televised?

    …I mean, seeing as how you say Shari’a is good and all, IO, why don’t you show us just how down for Islam you REALLY are…

    …and hey, you’re only buried up to your neck.

    …you MAY get out, same chance your sisters back home get, GO for it, show us how much a!!ah loves you…

  6. Supernightshade@

    I was actually thinking about that poster. I have seen it many times. It should be shown in history & civics classes just to show that western democracies are not as evil as students are taught.

    Send one to Trudeau too.

  7. Where does her brother fit in the timeline of all of this? I recall her sham marriage to him caused her to be a bigamist on top of an adulterer.

    The Daily Mail report went on to point out that she hosted a happy hour fundraiser at a local distillery, and that her lover was photographed carrying a 6-pack of beer into their love nest apartment. More violations of Sharia law.

    Me thinks ol’ Ilhan is a MINO (muslim in name only)

  8. It’s really not he fault. Being unaccustomed to the ways of our county, she was relying on her orientation with the democrat congressional caucus, who told her that adultery is one of the perks of being a democrat member of congress.


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