More Women Step Forward and Report Hillary Clinton’s faith adviser

Hillary could have done the right thing by women after she learned her “faith adviser” sexually harassed another staffer. But she is constantly in coverup mode, especially when it comes to “bimbos.”  (Bimbos are any women that “should be heard” but will be silenced if they threaten the Clinton money/power complex.)

Hillary’s inaction led to the harassment of other women. Hillary is a nasty woman.

Daily Caller: Report- Clinton’s Faith Adviser Harassed More Young Women At PAC.

A faith adviser for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faces sexual harassment accusations from young women working under him, with allegations ranging from unwanted “constant touching” to uncomfortable text messages, according to a BuzzFeed News report.

Burns Strider, a faith adviser to Clinton during her 2008 campaign, reportedly harassed at least two young female employees while he worked at Correct the Record, a PAC created in 2013 to defend Clinton, BuzzFeed reported Saturday.

Six employees at Correct the Record told BuzzFeed that Strider harassed at least two women during his time working at the PAC. One of the women said Strider told her “you look sexy,” made comments about her physical appearance and would constantly touch her, giving her back rubs. Three other female staffers reported similar experiences in which Strider tried to give them back rubs as well. read  more

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  1. Hillary probably would have discharged him if he had been misplacing cigars, but only because it would have brought back a suppressed memory of something that actually embarrassed her.

  2. Yes, because if Hillary follows ANYTHING, it’s her “faith.”
    Literally at the foot of the Cross…with angels singing her praise in resplendent euphony.
    At the church of the Grey Goose.

  3. I wish I had “faith” that this deplorable, disgusting woman would someday in our lifetime be held fully accountable for her lifetime of crime.

  4. Clinton fatigue
    Obama fatigue
    Schumer fatigue
    Pelosi, Little Dick, Maxipad, and on and on…fatigue.

    These subhuman carbon plops never stop torturing the people that jilted them.

  5. Burns Strider…he should be punched just for that name. And now I’m wondering about that Shillady fellow who poured her daily devotionals for her.

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