Report: Sen. Kamala Harris to Announce 2020 Presidential Run on MLK Day

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is expected to announce her 2020 presidential run on January 21, 2019–Martin Luther King Day.

Harris is likely to make the announcement during a campaign rally in Oakland, CA, according to sources who spoke with KCBS Radio.  STORY

33 Comments on Report: Sen. Kamala Harris to Announce 2020 Presidential Run on MLK Day

  1. It is going to be an entertaining year, curious to see who throws their hat into the ring. And on the GOP side too – who will dare oppose Trump? You know there will be some ‘morally if not factually correct’ Republicans.

  2. I hope she announces from a corner on one of our nation’s fine MLKJ Boulevards. Although you won’t find Jim Acosta anywhere in sight if she does.

  3. MLK Day you say?

    I don’t judge a woman by the color of her skin, but by the diameter of her constantly flared angry nostrils.

    Perpetually Angry black woman. But I repeat myself.

  4. Correct skin color. Very little experience. No common sense. Progressive. Harris is Obama 2.0, and as such is a dangerous candidate. Watch out for the lofos.

  5. Be still my beating heart. Oh swoon and babble and babble and swoon and let’s dust off our pussyhats and have a rally and isn’t that just so exciting?

  6. “NiggaB!tchHoe SAY WHAT on dat day?!?
    I heard dat Mottin Lutha Kangz wuz a porch monkey anywayz….”

    Sad to say, it’s time to accept America AS IT IS, not as how we WISH it were (even after moving from DC, I’m *very* skeptical of the majority of blacks to show resilience to the Dems’ degenerate appeal…though I *do* hold out hope through the decent black individuals I meet).

    p.s. A TEENY WEENSY detail…I thought she was INELIGIBLE…I mean, maybe she’ll provide a composite birth certificate, too, but….

    p.p.s. I can’t imagine a President CamelToe Harris……

  7. No significance there at all.

    Like MLK said, judge not by the content of their character or competence of their ability but by the color of their skin – no matter how high yellow it is.

    She’s overcome a seemingly insurmountable lack of adversity to get to this point. Congratulations, Kamala. With nothing but the chip on your shoulder, you’ve managed to build a monolith to your sense of entitlement.

  8. They only care that he was black not what he stood for otherwise Affirmative Action, and other race privileged programs, would not have happened!

  9. These racialists fatigue me. I am so bored with their shit.
    It’s a big bad wonderful world out there
    Conquer it for yourself, like your forebearers did. Like my forebearers did.

    Make your own way.

  10. Sure she is. And if she wins we can change the name of the White House to the Whore House.

    I thought we we only allowed one Affirmative Action President per century.

  11. “When is Tray Von Martin’s day?”
    Not tomorrow,,, for sure.
    I think ACE hardware has one scheduled for the 9″ screwdriver promotion honoring the one he carried to pry open patio doors with that includes a free pack of Skittles.

  12. She has two qualifications to run for the POTUS per Democrat voters…she is black and she has a vagina.

    Pathetic and nasty evil person. Only mutants would vote for her sorry ass.

  13. To paraphrase the “brilliant” Joe Biden;
    “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American woman who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking gal,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”
    That’s all Democrats require of their deep state stooge presidential candidates.


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