Report: Starving Venezuelan Refugees Compete with Vultures for Brazil’s Trash


BNS: Venezuelan refugees in Brazil have found themselves competing with vultures for trash in a rubbish dump, according to a report from Reuters on Thursday.

The scavengers, among the millions of Venezuelans suffering amid country’s ongoing humanitarian crisis, scramble for bags of rush unloaded at the Pacaraima landfill site in Boa Vista close to the Venezuelan border.

They are mainly looking for scrap metals which they can then sell on for a profit, but many also look for food or sanitary products within the trash bags.

Sometimes the garbage is delivered at night, meaning they need to use headlamps. Vultures, effective scavengers of dead animals, perched on nearby trees also await their turn.

“I left because I was dying of hunger. We are trying to get ahead looking through this rubbish. Every night I pray to God to take me out of here,” 23-year-old mother Rosemary Tovar told the agency.

“We are looking for copper and cans, and hopefully something valuable, even food,” added Astrid Prado, who is eight months pregnant. “My goal is to get out of here. Nobody wants to spend their life going through garbage.”

Millions of Venezuelans live in a state of abject poverty as a result of skyrocketing rates of inflation that has left most people unable to afford basic living essentials. Traveling through the streets of many of Venezuela’s major cities, one regularly sees people, including children, sifting through rubbish bags for leftovers. read more

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  1. Next we’ll hear is the vultures have become an “Endangered Species” due to residents of that hell-hole catching & eating them.

  2. You’d have to be pretty damn desperate to eat a vulture. Maybe we could send them some seagulls and pigeons instead as well as racoons and coyotes and other eaters of carrion and garbage.

  3. A vile creature named Donna Brazile was on Fox News The Five. Fox is really dipping and dunking down deep into the garbage truck juice to fill in for juan williams.

    A vulture is a scavenger which exist to scavenge on carcasses of the dead.

  4. This article is Pure Lies!! Filthy propaganda!!
    When Americans rely on US government and media propaganda reports, suffering people are being allowed to die from starvation and disease in Yemen. This country is being wiped out by Saudi Arabia entirely backed by the Trump government and US Military. Where is the truth being made known? Venezuela is not even close to what is happening in Yemen.

    Yemen Nails US’ Venezuela Lies
    18:13 13.02.2019(updated 18:22 13.02.2019)
    Finian Cunningham

    “One would not know that most Venezuelans are against any form of US military aggression in their country. One would not know that the economic chaos in Venezuela has been largely caused by unremitting US-imposed sanctions on the nation’s oil-dependent economy.

    Never mind sending “humanitarian aid”. The best way to alleviate the hardship in Venezuela is for the US to stop hammering the country with illegal economic warfare.
    But here is one word by which to divine the truth of the situation: “Yemen”.

    This week, the United Nations again reiterated desperate appeals for humanitarian intervention in the Arab country. Some 14 million people are on the brink of starvation, according to the UN. That is about half the country’s population.”

  5. The problem with Venezuela is that vultures are not getting enough Maduro, Cubans, Chinese, Russians and Iranians in their diet.


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