Report: Trump Campaign Has Been Anonymously Donating Meals to Hospitals Across the Country

Western Journal: The Trump campaign has been anonymously donating meals to hospitals in the areas hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak, including New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Washington state, according to a report Thursday.

Fox News political reporter Brooke Singman reported that President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has been placing the orders since last Thursday.

“They’re doing it as a donor who cares,” a source was quoted as saying. “So nothing politically is tied to it. … We’re just trying to, you know, show a thank you.”

“They’re trying to send things that are like, local restaurants that may need support [and] cool restaurant icons of the area that may need the business,” a source said.

Singman tweeted that the Trump campaign “has been quietly calling local restaurants and ordering large amounts of food to be delivered to hospitals in an effort to feed doctors, nurses & first responders and support local restaurants.” more

14 Comments on Report: Trump Campaign Has Been Anonymously Donating Meals to Hospitals Across the Country

  1. Like Israel giving vaccines to people trying to kill them: this is a thankless gesture, but if done for the good of doing good, it’s beautiful.
    Except Isreal giving vaccines to its wanna-be destroyers – that is just stupid liberalism.

  2. That damn Trump – providing some work for people who would otherwise be entitled to file for unemployment and thereby fulfill their dreams of being artists, dancers, musicians or whatever else liberals believe these folks could do if they didn’t have to work for a living. I’ll bet Putin put him up to this, and the food orders are anonymous in order to avoid detection for Russian collusion.

    Seriously, I have read numerous articles on Trump even prior to his becoming President. He has a history of anonymous acts of charity for which he derived no publicity whatsoever.

  3. He has personally been graciously donating a daily heaping helping of Humble Pie to the White House Press Corps while he is at it

  4. I’m surprised joe6 isn’t demanding he release his name. No anonymouses allowed in this free country.

  5. A certain faggy clown of an ex-president damn sure would have been hamming it up, on camera, letting people know who was behind such a great cause. Guy never met a camera he didn’t like.

  6. Much better use of money than on what Mikey “Super Genius” Bloomberg threw it away.

  7. If he wants to cement the deal, make sure night shift gets fresh meals. They always get the dried out leftovers from dayshift because most hospital management is tone deaf and sucks

  8. If any dem even thought of performing such an act of charity, they’d be about as quiet and anonymous as a transexual vegan bicycle rider.


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