Report: Trump commutes former Illinois Gov. Blagojevich’s sentence

Detroit News: Chicago – President Donald Trump says he has commuted the 14-year prison sentence of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Trump on Tuesday told reporters the former governor’s sentence was “ridiculous.”

Blagojevich, who hails from a state with a long history of pay-to-play schemes, is expected to walk out of prison later Tuesday, according to a person close to him, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they had not seen any signed paperwork. He had been found guilty of crimes that included seeking to sell an appointment to Barack Obama’s old Senate seat and trying to shake down a children’s hospital.

The 63-year-old Democrat exhausted his last appellate option in 2018 and had seemed destined to remain behind bars until his projected 2024 release date. His wife, Patti, went on a media blitz in 2018 to encourage Trump to step in, praising the president and likening the investigation of her husband to special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election – a probe Trump long characterized as a “witchhunt.”

“Rod Blagojevich, the former Governor of Illinois, was sentenced to 14 years in prison. He has served 7 years,” Trump had tweeted in August of 2019. “Many people have asked that I study the possibility of commuting his sentence in that it was a very severe one. White House staff is continuing the review of this matter.” read more

24 Comments on Report: Trump commutes former Illinois Gov. Blagojevich’s sentence

  1. I think Trump is trolling 0bama and them with this.

    It would make sense 0bama wanted him to STFU. He did the same thing to Mike Flynn.
    I don’t recall there being proof he tried to sell the senate seat, just big mouthery. But I never paid attention to the hospital donation stuff.

    Meanwhile, McCabe and Comey are still walking around. So is de Blasio.

    I wonder if Blago knows something useful about 0bama and Biden that Trump and some investigators want to find out?

  2. It was the Comey, Mueller, and team that put this guy away. For a ridiculous sentence. And Trump mentioned that in his press conference. I wonder how some of these DOJ people sleep at night.

  3. So, Rod Blagojevich is free. Julian Assange is being renditioned. Edward Snowden is safe as long as Russia makes it so. And Michael Flynn is still broke.

    (In case you were wondering, Donald Trump’s “loyalty”, “fidelity”, and “honor” reach as far as his spunk.)

  4. Texson IKR?
    He can’t do anything but put pressure. He’s not ‘the law’.
    In the meantime, we have to troll Barr and poke Durham to see if he’s even alive. lol

    Waaaaaaiting sucks.

  5. Trump and his 3-d chess game, while the deep state is still arguing about which gets the red or black checker pieces, not even realizing they’re preparing to play the wrong game? The truth? Imagine a world where the power mongers cared about that quaint concept that will prevail in the end.

  6. Kindest and sweet MJA- I feel that I can speak for the typical bi-pedal humanoid that loves Trump. “Enough already… push the button”.

  7. Blagojevich was always kind of goofy, and prone to say inopportune things. But the media’s summary of him selling Obama’s seat is way inaccurate. Blago did NOTHING to deserve the sentence he got.

  8. Something that really bothers me is the lack of attention paid to the Las Vegas shooting. I smell a rat. Or rats. I sorry to be off topic, but my thoughts wander like a blind dog in a meat house.

  9. Still need to apply 8 USCode 1324, Paragraphs A and B, et al.

    After several months, trying to find that 8 USCode 1324 (and any parts thereof) has been repealed. So far…nothing. Still in effect.

    But,. still searching before sending this off as a reminder to those in government responsible in following this law.

  10. I don’t want to see obama in prison………. I want to see him in front of a wall with a blindfold on……….he is so much worse than most know!!

    along with valerie jarrett… most are clueless about her

  11. I don’t agree with everything Trump does. Unfortunately, this is one of those times.

    Oh well, I’ll take what I can get, and he’s still better than anything we’ve gotten out of career politicians. By a long shot.

  12. The average sentence served by murderers (including non-1st degree cases) is said to be less than 7 years, so maybe it’s not so far off to let him out. Time will tell…

  13. It would be worth it to hear Blago talking shit about 0bama and mueller non-stop. Because that’s what he does. I hope he has info. Good info. I guess time will tell.


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