Report: Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Stopping Anchor Baby Schemes

Breitbart: President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy at the United States-Mexico border is ensuring pregnant migrants are not using their court dates in the U.S. to then deliver their children on American soil, thus securing them birthright citizenship.

Currently, Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy has made sure that southern border crossers claiming asylum are returned to Mexico or their native Central American country while they await their asylum hearings in the U.S. The policy has prevented mass fraud where illegal aliens are released into the interior of the U.S. only to never show up for their asylum hearings and never leave the country. read more

SNIP: But Congress, DHS, and their illegal immgration cheerleaders at WSJ still seek to f$ck it all up.

WSJ: DHS to Import 45,000 Extra H-2B Workers for Seasonal Employers.

Top officials at the Department of Homeland Security will import 45,000 extra foreign workers for GOP-aligned small businesses, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper reported February 20:

The Department of Homeland Security plans to announce the additional seasonal-worker visas next week, an administration official said. They will become available in two waves: the first 20,000 will be immediately available, while employers can apply for the remainder for jobs beginning June 1.

It wasn’t clear whether the White House has fully signed off on the numbers, and an administration official cautioned they could change.

The additional visas are being made available ahead of the summer, when demand for short-term work is typically highest.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf “has made no decision yet on the issue,” a DHS spokesperson said. “Any numbers reported on at this time are being pushed to press by junior staff who are not privy to all of the discussions taking place.”

The H-2B program allows companies to import 66,000 foreign workers for seasonal work, so reducing pressure on companies to raise blue-collar wages.

Legislators in Congress have added a provision in the 2020 funding bill which allows DHS to award additional visas. That back-door measure allows the legislators to avoid public blame for importing the workers, while also allowing the legislators to get credit from donors for pressuring the DHS to import the extra workers, read more

8 Comments on Report: Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Stopping Anchor Baby Schemes

  1. My son spoke about a Cuban refugee, long time LEGAL immigrant, who calls the illegals the invisibles, as in the Invisible Man: They (the non- criminal in their own countries), come to America, for a better life.

    Then (like The Invisible Man, they discover all the things they can get away with) when they live under the cloak of invisibility as ‘ILLEGAL’, they discover all they can gain from being held unaccountable: Fake IDs, often no drivers‘ licenses, no auto insurance, fake or stolen Social Security cards, gaining medical care, welfare, taking advantage of every offered charitable entity, including SNAP, and working under the table for cash, so they can send funds back to their home country relatives. If they commit crimes, they are pampered through the system, even the horrendous crimes, rape, murder, DUI destruction, whatever! INVISIBLES

  2. End birthright citizenship by an Executive Order, and get this in front of the voters. Expose those who favor this nonsense.

  3. Shut down the borders. No immigration. If we’re short on manual labor it will become automated freeing people up for other tasks and increasing the need for manufacturing.

  4. “End birthright citizenship by an Executive Order … ”

    I’m not sure that an XO can be done without USSC decisions to support it.

    If it was s simple law that was obviously subject to Presidential orders because they were not forbidden or otherwise authorized only to Congress in the Constitution, maybe. However establishing citizenship and citizenship requirements is delegated to Congress, Laws supporting it (birthright citizenship), written in response to the 14th amendment, would certainly end up before the Supreme Court as the final arbiter of any XO affecting them and if Congress doesn’t want to change that law there is little chance the Court would.

  5. Birthright Citizenship was created by a footnote in a minority opinion written by a Supreme Court Justice and expanded by other Federal court decisions. Congress has never actually passed a law supporting Birthright Citizenship. It’s possible that President Trump is awaiting the appointment of another conservative Supreme Court Justice in order to insure that Chief Justice John Roberts doesn’t betray the Constitution like he did on Obamacare. Maybe Justice Ginsberg will finally help make this possible.

  6. The Department of Homeland Security is in charge of the official, uniformed, expeditionary invasion forces of America?

    Who’da thunk it?

    It’s almost like swearing allegiance to The Party, makes you a Party xan.

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