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Reporter Discovers That Background Checks Work When Denied A Firearms Purchase


Okay—let’s look at the positives of this story. A Business Insider reporter, Hayley Peterson, tried to buy a gun at Walmart to test “the placement, selection, marketing, and security of firearms in Walmart’s stores, and to learn more about the retailer’s processes governing gun sales.”  In other words, she wanted to make sure that background checks work. So, she’s going to try and buy a gun, which is something that tens of millions of Americans have already done. And she walked into a Walmart—a family-owned business that’s anathema to the Left. After the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, Walmart has been hit with a petition to end all gun sales. 

During the process, Peterson admits that the process was more complicated than the false narrative that’s peddled by the liberal media, the most popular being that it’s easier to buy a gun than cold medicine. Well, her journey just slapped all those clowns who thought that with reality. Background checks are effective. Everyone who goes through a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer to buy their firearms, which is the vast majority of sales in this country, has to undergo a background check. Period. It’s the law (via Business Insider):

A selection of about 20 rifles and shotguns was displayed in a locked glass case behind the sporting-goods counter. The guns ranged in price from $159 to $474.

The counter in front of the guns displayed pocket knives, binoculars, and digital night-vision monoculars inside a locked case.

The selection of guns was limited compared with nearby gun stores, which offered dozens of different kinds of firearms, including handguns.

Walmart stopped selling handguns in the 1990s and removed semiautomatic rifles, such as the AR-15, from stores in 2015.


Signs posted around the counter announced that all firearm and ammunition sales were final and that items could not be returned or exchanged for a refund or repair.

One sign warned that this area of the store was being recorded. Another reminded shoppers of the laws around gun sales.


A Walmart spokesman later told me that to sell firearms, employees must pass both an enhanced criminal background check and annual online training, provided by Walmart, that includes a mock gun transaction.

Walmart also complies with state-specific requirements where applicable. Illinois, for example, requires people who sell guns to have a firearm-owner identification card, issued by state police.

Peterson, trying to purchase a gun in Virginia, had to fill out the federal 4473 form through the ATF along with one sent to the Virginia State Police. The piece is going to be mocked by the Second Amendment community for sure. It shouldn’t be in this case. It details what’s been established law for years. MORE

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  1. Well, how about that? Sales of guns already require vigorous background checks.

    Welcome to reality. If your signature is a bit sloppier today than it was the last time you purchased a firearm, a gun dealer will challenge you.

    The last thing a dealer will do is to be lax. Their livelihoods are at stake.

  2. “Walmart…removed semiautomatic rifles, such as the AR-15, from stores in 2015.”

    So what is the reporter shown holding in the Business Insider story? Yup, Scary black gun!

  3. If she had lived in her new home for 30 days or more and had not changed her drivers license/addres then she is in violation of those pesky MVR laws….Hell, I think she provides fake ID’s for illegal Mexicans and she’s part airedale….


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