Reporter lies about Trump supporter, edits her comment to paint her as white supremacist

Croman leaves out the part right after, where she says, “the human race.”

In above video, at around ~19:00 mark you can hear her.

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  1. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    That’s called libel and slander.
    This “presstitute” should be sued down to his panties and socks. Him, PERSONALLY.

  2. Hopefully He will be giving her 50% of his net income for the next several years after she sues him. Ordinarily, someone in her position wouldn’t get a large, or even any settlement. But due to her PTSD, she can make a major claim against the lying presstitute with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  3. The Complicit, Bought & Paid for, Knee-PAD Media strikes again! We have met the enemy and he is Bought & Paid For!!

  4. Disclaimer: I m related to Sam by marriage

    I great conservative said 140 years ago,”If you don’t read a paper; you are uniformed. If our red 1 HYOU ARE MISIINFORMED!”!And They have lied for over 100 years!

  5. This is going to happen more and more , not the lies that is standard leftest procedure. But the white supremacist label.. anyone not towing the leftest line is a white supremacist. That is what the big drama production on the Jan 5th investigation is doing they are trying to say that conservative congressmen are white supremacist and they are going to try and remove them. Purge the government of non-communist leaning people. I want anyone that actually believe that what happened Jan 5th would make Adam Schiff cry…. How could a person without any morals integrity only seeking money and power cry about liberty because a bunch of yahoos went inside the capitol building. Uneffing believable… it is like a terminator crying because it got hit with a nerf ball.. it is the most fake sentiment i have ever witnessed in my entire life. Do they honestly believe the people of this country are that stupid?

  6. Did you really expect something else from the robots they now title Journalist? Please they continue the propaganda as always and modify any statement to fit their needs of BS. If you really expect honesty you will not find it in the American media. and now they will ask you why they have no credibility with the public outside of their propaganda circle.

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