Reporter Still Missing After Private Sub Sinks

Last seen a week ago, journalist Kim Wall was on board the US3 Nautilus, a home-made submarine designed and built by inventor Peter Madsen. The vessel reportedly sank last Friday after a ballast tank malfunction. Madsen escaped with his life, but is now being held on suspicion that he deliberately sank the vessel.


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  1. Chappaquiddick. The pilot (Teddy Kennedy) swims to safety, but the passenger (Mary Jo Kopechne) doesn’t make it.

  2. ⚙️ I am not a “scientist” like Bill Nye, but that isn’t going to stop me from making a wide-eyed claim that Global Warming was responsible for this, and then silently stare into the camera for a few seconds with eyebrows raised waiting for incredulous viewers to challenge me.

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