Reporter Who Denied Working for China Absolutely Works for China

Dan Bongino: China’s propagandists have made their way into President Donald Trump’s press conferences on the Chinese coronavirus.

Last night after being asked a question by a Hong Kong Phoenix TV reporter, Trump questioned who she worked for, and if they were owned by the Chinese government. She denied that she worked for China, and said that the company was privately owned.

And she’s “technically” correct. The company is private…. but shares the Chinese government as an investor. more here

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  1. She is definately a Chinese agent regardless of the technical ownership of the company. She should be disinvited to any future press gatherings.

  2. Lying pig trying to bring down a POTUS.


    The biggest joke is that the jerks of the msm
    don’t realize that



    they obviously think that they

    MUST BE !!!!

    That revelation alone makes the msm


    Good’bye mr acosta, wherever you are.

  3. “…And she’s “technically” correct…”

    Technically is technical – reality is what it really is.

    While I could go back to Nixon’s opening of relations with China, it was Bill Clinton who fucked the country for his own personal financial gain.

    Now, I don’t mean to exclude multi-national corporations in that claim – they are equally, if not more, to blame for the funding our enemy’s rise to power.

  4. Propagandists right there for us all to see. Is it me? Or did she come out of no where? I’ve been watching these wonderful news conferences, and she, just showed up????

    Hey Jonathan explain that one!

    AND she looks about 20 years old or something, very weird.


  5. Yep, their spin doctors will be out in full force world wide. Without trying to sound like chicken little, when their spin doesn’t work, expect sabotage and violence as they perceive any negative connotations against them as direct insults against their leaders. They won’t accept responsibility.

  6. This is a case in point of how to lie by telling the truth. SOP for the left, and our enemies. But I repeat myself.

  7. The Ministry of Truth is about to get its comeuppance. And Trump is not to blame, he is just standing there being exactly what he is and letting them destroy themselves.The first rule when you are stuck at the bottom… stop digging. These idiots just don’t get it.

  8. That depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is???
    Technical gobbledeeguck bullshit.

    The Reformation of Language, and words, and the Communists and Socialist Democrats are experts at this.

    Also, Communists hate history and Karl Marx SAID it.

  9. I have been urging the White House to change the protocol for these press conferences for over a week.

    Inquisitors should be compelled to state their names and the organization that they represent before asking their question. Let America know who you are so we can have a two way conversation. You snarling monsters are unknown to us. State your name. Identify your organization.

    I would love to go head to head with you.

  10. Some are really underestimating President Trump. I watched that briefing live. President Trump eagle eyed his prey.
    Ms. Chinese commie operative “reporter” was exposed just has he planned. He is letting the American people see the snakes he’s surrounded by so we can know exactly what he’s up against.
    Don’t be fooled, President Trump has background checks on every so called journalist in that press briefing room.

  11. @99th – you are correct, Trump already knew the answer to his question before he asked it.

  12. Exactly, stirrin the pot. It’s a simple case of President Trump keeping his friends close and his enemies closer.


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