Reports: Iran Has Lost 17 Officials, Nearly 15,000 People to Chinese Coronavirus

Breitbart: The Saudi news agency al-Arabiya identified in a report Monday at least 17 senior members of the Iranian Islamic regime who have died from the Chinese coronavirus since the outbreak in that country began.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the largest anti-regime dissident organization, claimed on Monday that nearly 15,000 people in the country have died of coronavirus infections, about five times the death toll the Iranian regime officials claims to have counted.

Tehran has documented 44,605 cases of Chinese coronavirus within its borders and claims 2,898 people have died since the outbreak began there. In addition to the NCRI, many observers – including local Iranian officials – have disputed this number, most simply by noting that adding up the number of cases and deaths recorded by each Iranian region results in a much larger number than the one documented by the federal government.

According to al-Arabiya, 13 Iranian officials are currently struggling to overcome a coronavirus infection in addition to the 17 who already died. The Saudi outlet claims to have gotten the numbers by compiling reports from Iranian state media on individual officials who have been confirmed as carriers. The coronavirus patients reportedly span nearly all areas of the Iranian regime, including the clergy and the Iranian military, which Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamanei tasked with coronavirus response. Some of the dead publicly blamed the United States for the virus before their demise. read more

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  1. Let’s hope the rational people of Iran are heeding the proper precautionary measures and survive to outlive the extremist regime so they can fix their country after all this settles down.

  2. Keep going on the hajj and crowding together.
    And lick those sacred holy doorknobs.
    And ignore basic hygiene.

    Who in the western civilized world cares if you blame us for your problems?

  3. Lets hope the islamic world issues a fatwa against China and focuses their attention and hatred toward them.

  4. …Iranians are Shi’ites, which are actually nastier than their Sunni counterparts if you can believe it, combining ALL the fecal nastines of Islam with a literal WALLOW in a foul sump of bloodborne pathogens…

    …not to mention the festival where everyone cuts their heads open, young boys included…

    …and this is BEFORE we get to doorknob licking…

    …no, they probably don’t die so much from Corona, seeing as how they probably die from a million OTHER things they expose themselves to…

    …probably they don’t die so much from Corona as a million other bloodbourne pathohygenic diseases….

  5. On the bright side, the Iranians have never been bothered in the least about a shortage of toilet paper.


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