Reports: Paul Manafort to Be Transferred to Rikers Island, Held in Solitary Confinement


Onetime Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is expected to be transferred this month to Rikers Island jail, where he is “likely” to be placed in solitary confinement, according to reports.

Manafort was sentenced in March to a total of seven and a half years in prison on federal charges, then was hit almost immediately with fresh state charges in New York that could put him outside the president’s power to pardon. Judge T.S. Ellis III imposed the sentence, capping the only jury trial following indictments stemming from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Ellis called Mueller’s recommended sentence range of 19-to-24 years for Manafort “excessive.” The judge also noted that the Trump campaign official was not sentenced for matters related to Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

Manafort was convicted last year on federal bank fraud, tax, and conspiracy charges in two related cases and is serving a seven-and-a-half-year federal prison sentence in Pennsylvania. The Manhattan district attorney obtained an indictment of Manafort on state mortgage fraud charges in an effort to ensure he would still face prison if President Trump pardoned him for his federal crimes. more here

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  1. This is nothing more than a sadistic and cruel attack on what is already a broken man. Tormenting the man for nothing more than a short stint in the Trump campaign. It’s meant as a warning to others, a threat of what they’re willing to do.

  2. A sickening abuse of government power when in the hands of cold blooded vicious subhuman scum.

  3. This is a frightening glimpse into the future if rational people lose control of the government levers in the next election. Don’t make the miscalculation that it couldn’t be you next.
    One lost election and we’ll be dealing with these tyrants.

  4. Democrat (what else) District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr. is
    a lot like Inspector Javert right out of Le Miserables.
    After a Federal Judge said Mantiforts’ sentence was too harsh this bastard piles on to terrorize anyone who might
    have had contact with The Donald into “lying for
    the prosecution” to stay out of solitary in a roach
    hole jail.
    Barr needs to take a good look at the little shit.

  5. Solitary? For a non-violent crime? Seriously?

    IMHO the American “justice” system has gone off the rails.

  6. They’re doing this to send a strong message and to guarantee that PDJT can’t pardon him because of the state charges. This is scary.

  7. No Blushes: According to their website, “Amnesty International is a London based non-governmental organization focused on human rights.” It claims to have more than seven million members. It remains to be seen if any of Amnesty International’s members will speak out about New York’s obviously politically motivated persecution of a Trump supporter for his resusal to implicate President Donald J. Trump in crimes he didn’t commit. Double Jeopardy doesn’t apply when the Jacobins are looking for revenge.

  8. If anyone was wondering what tyranny looked like, this is it. The government is beyond the peaceful control of the people.

  9. I am beginning to wonder what Manafort HAS ON the Deep State Swamp that would warrant this??

  10. VV: Solitary…for his own good.

    It’s a delightfully Soviet response from the People’s Socialist Republic of New York.

    Child murderers get better treatment.

  11. One way the Bush/Obama UNIPARTY protects its own is by making it very painful for those brave/foolish enough to not do as they say. Bush wants anyone touched by Don to hurt; feel the pain! Paul will live the rest of his life in pain!

    The Bush/Obama UNIPARTY did not “invent” this. 2,000 years ago Julius + Augustus would crucify HEAD DOWN thoes who openly opposed them! The result of this ruthless policy was “Pax Romana”! Fear is useful.

  12. So it’s Amnesty Internationally except in New York, and it could apply there unless the criminal’s last name is Clinton.
    Makes sense now,
    Thanks Marco!


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