Republicans And Democrats – Dumb And Dumber


John Green.

Conservatives used to refer to Republicans as the stupid party and Democrats as the evil party.  I’d like to suggest that “Dumb and Dumber” are also appropriate – and the dumber party is still evil.

How stupid is the dumb party?  The Republicans still count Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney among their ranks – that’s how dumb.  The two of them thought it would be smart to vote to impeach President Trump, even though the Democrats brought no evidence of wrongdoing.  Heck, the Dems didn’t even do an investigation for the second impeachment.  And these two geniuses didn’t see that it was about politics not wrongdoing?

The Republicans are so lame, they couldn’t even get John McCain to vote down Obamacare – after he’d run on a platform to vote down Obamacare.

When the dumber party – that would be the Dems – didn’t have the votes to pass the infrastructure bill, Republicans came to the rescue.  13 dumb congressmen and 19 dumb senators voted to pass the infrastructure bill that was short on infrastructure and long on leftist causes.  These “smart people” did it because “infrastructure” sounded good to them.  They didn’t actually read the bill, because in Speaker Antoinette’s house, Congressmen vote on bills before they read them.  But rather than insist on reviewing the contents, 32 members of the dumb party voted for it anyway.  

That’s not smart. more

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  1. why do imbeciles cling to the notion that the slime in d.c. are dumb? what does it take to make the morons who write this stuff realize that all of this is intentional? you have to be pretty dumb yourself to think that you could destroy the greatest economy; the freest and strongest country in the history of the world by accident in 50 years. look what they did to trump! and his policy was america and americans first for Christ sake! even chance the gardener would; at some point; look around and say “huh…that didn’t work so hot. maybe i was wrong”

  2. They are not dumb. They are evil. They pretend to be on the right, so they can get elected, and then can be counted on to vote with the left when the left needs them. They are liars and thieves and have no honor.

  3. The TRAITOROUS BASTARDS are paid well to destroy the greatest country on the planet. It’s been going on for decades and it seems they finally have the numbers to overtake the Patriots. I’m not giving up, but my expectations are low.

  4. Who says they’re dumb? They’re CORRUPT!

    WE are the dumb ones for continuing to tolerate them in office!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Joey B. Was never thought to be a mensaje candidate but look where he is now!

    Crime pays. Corruption rules. And being stupid enough to go along helps you get along…

  6. The entirety of the DC Swamp is corrupt.
    In actuality there’s only one party – the Party of Corruption – which has two wings.
    There are some honorable politicians, but they’re few and far between, and don’t seem to last long in the fever-swamp of DC. If the corruption doesn’t corrupt them, they leave in disgust.

    Speaking of which, how can I donate to President Trump without any money going to the Republicans? I refuse to give them so much as a penny – they have proven their fecklessness many times over.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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