Republicans Are Finally Starting to Distrust Democrats

AT: Whatever the reason, the last presidential election appears to have destroyed any confidence that the Democrats had in the idea that Republicans are merely misguided.  A currently growing cleavage within the Democratic Party itself cannot hide the fact that virtually all Democrats appear to agree on the idea that Trump is fundamentally evil and that the 63 million people who voted for him are evil for having supported him.

From the very beginning — even before the emergence of a new and powerful strain of progressive ideology within the party — the “resistance” movement was more concerned with rejecting the morality of Republicans than with challenging their policies.  The willingness of the Democrats to boycott Trump’s inauguration is evidence of this, as is the enthusiasm for an investigation into his behavior without reference to any specific criminal act.

Of course Trump’s policy actions are resisted; this is standard practice by whatever party is out of power.  The point is that the Democrat condemnation of Trump was proclaimed loudly and openly before he was sworn into office.  He was to be impeached even before having done anything.


At that time, those who voted for Trump began to fear that Democrats harbor an abhorrence for them as voters for having elected such an evil person.  The Democrat “resistance” has done little to reason Republicans away from their support for him; instead, it has treated Trump-supporters as willing lackeys in an evil plot.  It increasingly labels them as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

For all their rhetoric about how divisive the president is, it is the Democrats themselves who have forced the grand division by refusing to accept a properly elected president as legitimate.  By focusing on what they fear he might do in the future rather than what he has been doing in the past and present, Democrats have found it appropriate to condemn him in an unqualified and unequivocal manner.  The message for his supporters is clear: “you are willing accomplices to a fascist agenda.”  more here

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  1. “Woke” Americans don’t trust any of them, and many never have! The cunning politicians –ALL of them–used to be able to get away with their corruption, treason, and lies when it was more difficult for the general public to acquire suppressed information. With the internet, vast amounts of current and past knowledge has become available about ALL of them. Is it any wonder they want this access shut down and why there is so much stifling of condemning information.

  2. The information in that essay will never see the light of day on TV networks, newspapers, social media. The masses will remain uninformed, duped, and lied to.

    Orange man bad is a powerful force, I’ve seen it happen to people who voted for Trump and now BELIEVE he will not be nominated by the party for 2020. Sad.

  3. There is an order of magnitude more distance between Constitutional conservatives and the eRepublicans than there is between eRepublicans and Democrats.

  4. Republicans Are Finally Starting to Distrust Democrats

    In other news, Water is Wet. Are the never Trump Repubs starting to worry about getting re-elected? They suck!

  5. Drip, drip, drip…..

    The DEMocRATS are patient and are willing to win by a thousand cuts…..

    REpubliCANTS (rinos) are too stupid to figure it out.


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