Republicans Demand Cummings Hold Cohen Accountable for ‘Perjury-Laden Testimony’


Two leading House Republicans sent a letter to House Oversight Committee chairman Elijah Cummings (D., Md.) Friday telling him to hold Michael Cohen accountable for “perjury-laden testimony.”

Reps. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) and Mark Meadows (R., N.C.) called the testimony of President Donald Trump’s former lawyer in February a “made-for-cable-news hearing” meant to damage Trump politically. Cohen, once a loyal fixer for Trump, called him a liar, bigot, and a cheat. He is serving a three-year prison sentence for a variety of financial crimes. He also admitted to making a hush payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels over an affair she claims to have had with Trump in 2006.

“Your entire course of conduct with respect to Michael Cohen has been deeply troubling,” Jordan and Meadows wrote. “You allowed a prominent Democrat operative to use the Committee for an orchestrated partisan attack on the President. You declined to follow up on your promises to hold Cohen accountable for his lies to the Committee.”

One hundred days after Cohen testified, the Trump allies said he had lied under oath, lacked independent evidence to back his accusations of wrongdoing against Trump, and accused Cummings of ignoring Cohen’s incriminating testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

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13 Comments on Republicans Demand Cummings Hold Cohen Accountable for ‘Perjury-Laden Testimony’

  1. You can demand your dog to do calculus but nothing will come of it.

    Demanding a Democrat to to the moral and ethical thing will get the same results of a dog doing math. The only time a Democrat does the moral or ethical thing is by accident when the primary thing they were doing was an act designed for self gain.

  2. Cummings sees his job as to drive Trump out of office. If it does help towards that end he is not interested.

  3. He was among the first chairman to kiss AOC’s azz for organizing an AIDS smym[posium before his committee.
    I wonder how many Billions have been wasted on research for safe sodomy?

  4. “Republicans Demand Cummings Hold Cohen Accountable for ‘Perjury-Laden Testimony’”

    …why SHOULD he? Democrats LOVE lying, it’s what they DO, it’s who they ARE, it’s their stock-in-trade…AND he was lying in THEIR service anyway, so we don’t want to ACTUALLY go after him because he’d probably blow up their omerta if they did…

    …Unless Hillary’s got one of her minions on standby. You know, a man just somehow walks out of prison and into a park without getting his shoes dirty on the muddy ground, then shoots himself in the head twice with two different calibers, neither of which match the gun he’s holding in the wrong hand…you know, like a ‘suicide’ or something…

  5. Handy Racist JUNE 8, 2019 AT 12:16 PM
    Is that a hollow point on old bullethead?

    Nope, Full Metal Jacket. Nothing can penetrate that head.

  6. Cummings will go after Cohen the same day Cummings offers to shine President Trump’s shoes.

    And I keep tellin’ ya, and tellin’ ya, it’s suppository-head!

  7. Sorry, @Uncle Al, I see what you mean and will try to be accurate from here on.

    …But I can’t for the LIFE of me imagine ANY medical benefit from having EC up your butt, so you can understand my confusion.

    …Also, I ALMOST wrote that as “Having CUMMINGS up your butt”, but THAT sounds more like something “Obama” would enjoy, and takes the meaning in a COMPLETELY different direction…

  8. Cummings will tend to the Cohen issue at the same time he accounts for his wife’s money laundering and that should be any time now.

  9. Cummings is too effin stupid to do anything right. Number of years eligible to serve should be tied to IQ tests. Cummings would not last a 2 year term.


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