Republicans up 20-30 points on issues – IOTW Report

Republicans up 20-30 points on issues


On issue after issue, majorities of voters are aligned with Republicans, says North Carolina GOP Chairman Michael Whatley, who suspects this is why Democrat nominees for governor and Senate such as Katie Hobbs and John Fetterman have recently made news for refusing to debate their Republican opponents. 

“I’m not surprised Democrats don’t want to debate,” Whatley said Thursday on the “Just the News, Not Noise” TV show. “They cannot stand on their agenda. They cannot stand on the issues. You know, when you think about where the American people feel when we talk about economy, when we talk about inflation, talk about gas price talk about Southern border, Republicans have 20-30 margins on every one of the issues that American people feel about. more

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  1. Yea well get read for the Big Cheat Two with the militarized FBI and DOJ backing it up. If you complain, they’ll kill you and your family.

  2. If they don’t kill you, you will find yourself in a FEMA camp. Our current government is the most dangerous bunch of authoritarians that we have had to deal with for 250 years!

  3. Here in Nevada all the ads are like “Suzie Lee voted with biden* 98% of the time.”
    So fucking WHAT?
    Of course she did, she’s a fucking democrat.
    Why wouldn’t she?
    Fucking ignorant type of ads.

    There are a million better ways to go after these assholes but that is all the republicans are doing here.

    Some ad agency is getting rich off of dipshit republican pussies who don’t know how to do a proper attack ad where the asshole dems are saying crazy shit IN THEIR OWN FUCKING WORDS!


  4. ^^^^^

    Is anybody else as sick of this stupid bull shit as I am. Dip Shit, you made your point last year. WTF? Somewhere there’s a crew with a net looking for you. You need help, don’t resist. I suspect your mentally unstable enough that you could swing Libtard in a heart beat. I’ve run into idiots like you before and what you’re actually after, is a friend. No matter the political leanings.

  5. Gotta be female, Brad. No self-respecting male would close every comment for a year and a half with…


    (This sentence added to keep me from doing it.)

  6. Come on guys, I give them credit for their shtick.
    Attempt at being clever.
    At least they aren’t fucking anonymous or telling us how the make 850 bucks an hour waxing Bill Gate’s ballsack.

    They chose a site name so there is that.
    Can’t coerce many to even do that.

    If they actually choose a ballot avatar they will get my respect because some of you motherfuckers …ahem* …have been here for years and won’t even bother to do that! Lazy fucks!

  7. yeah well….let’s see how many repubs will take the “real segregationists” Joe Biden children and women molester-trafficker to task for all the destruction he’s caused.

  8. Well gosh Brad, I’m as surprised as you are that I’m still around! I thought for SURE folks would have given me the ol’ heave-ho back after 2020 when I OPENLY switched votes to the guy who would wreck everything up, but they did NOT, so I’m still here with you, like someone playing a kazoo at a funeral, a thorn in the flesh of the Body Politic that no one can be assed to remove!

    But let me tell you, Bradley, as annoying as you think I am HERE, wait ’till you see how I annoy you at the POLLS! You, your business, your family, your state, your country, your church, your whole way of LIFE!

    Yeppers, we’re gonna be together a LONG time, Brad! And how I am HERE is the LEAST of how I’m going to annoy you!

    See you in November!


  9. I think what Dominican is saying is after her world flips in November she’ll still be here and her mental illness will intensify.

    What a nutter.
    How pathetic of a life that must be… Think about it.

  10. I figure the Feebies will arrest me as I walk into the polling station for attempting to overthrow a duly elected *resident.

    If I’m not back here on November 9, somebody send me bail money.


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