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Republicans Within Striking Distance in Deep-Blue Los Angeles District, Spelling Trouble for House Dems


Republican congressional hopeful Matt Jacobs is within striking distance of his incumbent Democratic opponent in a deep-blue Los Angeles district, a revelation that could force the Democratic Party to spend in a race they expected to win handily.

Jacobs, a former federal prosecutor, trails five-term congresswoman Julia Brownley (D., Calif.) by just 4.8 points in California’s 26th Congressional District, a September OnMessage poll obtained exclusively by the Washington Free Beacon shows. While President Joe Biden won that district by a whopping 25 points two years ago, independent voters have since soured on Democrats as Americans face record-high inflation. Jacobs, for example, holds a 10-point lead over Brownley with independents, according to the poll. The survey also found that Brownley’s unfavorable rating has climbed 5 points since March.

Those findings will likely alarm House Democrats, who expected to cruise to victory in the liberal district, which includes portions of Los Angeles County. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee does not include Brownley on its list of vulnerable members, and election handicapper Cook Political Report does not consider Brownley’s district to be competitive. But OnMessage’s September poll shows otherwise, meaning Democrats could be forced to commit resources to defend Brownley as their partisan counterparts go on offense. The National Republican Congressional Committee added Brownley to its target list in March and is working to flip four other California seats. MORE HERE

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  1. ^^^^ Oh man I’d like to meet assholes like this face to face. I’d pin his arms back so MJA could beat his face to a pulp. Which would probably be an improvement

  2. ??????

    People just never learn. Not even two years removed from the neo-Bolshevik Left engineering the outright theft of a Presidential election, where a doddering old fool with dementia received 81 million “votes”, the usual suspects are out proclaiming an incoming “red wave” that will sweep the Grand Old Party back into control of both chambers of Congress.

    Granted, there should be a red wave and there would be a red wave, provided that the Republican party was led by anyone with an above room temperature IQ. Red hot inflation, unaffordable gas and food prices, the southern border being overrun, black violent crime running unchecked in most major cities. For any competent political party out of power, winning this fall should be an easy lay-up. But we are talking about the GOP after all.

    And it’s not just the worthless GOP who for example are pulling millions in ad money from candidates who are MAGA like Joe Kent. When are these idiots going to do ANYTHING about the substantial, massive voter fraud that goes on across the country?

    Here’s a news flash Beacon, CA is a shithole, 1 party state. Throwing a bone like this idiocy that an R has a chance in LA County is ludicrous. Look at what JUST FUCKING HAPPENED there with the Gascon recall. They refused to even look at over 30% of the collected signatures!

    And you think some R has a shot? wake me when you get back to Planet Earth.

  3. IOTW critters, please ignore the Alphabet Agency trolls, notice how quickly Annoyamus and Fucktard retreated once I outted them?

    This new middle school shot at IOTW critters should be ignored as well

    They want to encourage you to make statements of violence. Don’t fall for this juvenile crsp, it’s beneath us.

  4. Once you realize that jackass joe and the democrat party is nothing more than a distraction you will see the republican party for what it really is. Some say the 2020 election was stolen. It wasn’t stolen, it was handed to the democrats by the republican party.

  5. MMinWA: You know the Dems fix elections. I know the Dems fix elections. But they can only fix so many. If they have to spend their resources rigging an election in what heretofore was a safe district, that is one less election they can fix elsewhere.

    Keep in mind that they are in deep mire this time so it will take more fixing than normal to pull out “wins.”

  6. Both parties are in on the fix. A perfect example is the current R candidate running for gov in PA, Mastriano. Guy sure looks solid doesn’t he? Combat vet, Christian, the whole ball of wax. Yet in 2021 he was presented with irrefutable proof of numerous instances of massive voter fraud in PA.

    He was going to Washington with a group of other “concerned” Rs to present the case for decertifying electors in PA. He ended up ignoring the investigators, going to DC and bloviating. That was that.

    Deep mire? Please nigga. DJT was ahead in PA by 700,000 votes with over 90% of the vote counted(supposedly) when the counting stopped at 2am. When it resumed 3 hours later Biden had mysteriously almost caught up and over the course of the next few hours, passed!! DJT.

    That happened in 5 critical counties that swung those states into Biden’s side. DJT received 76 million votes and probably many more, more than any presidential candidate in history…but one, a guy who never campaigned and can’t string 2 off the cuff sentences together.

  7. MMinWA: As I said, we both know the 2020 election was stolen. They didn’t have to cook the books in that many places to pull it off. In the 2018 House election they only had to cook the books in 6-8 races to get control. They did this in races where, after the first count, the Republican was 5-10% ahead.

    I doubt they have the resources to do that in 20-30 races — especially if they have to do that in races they never had to worry about before. Nor do they have the resources to do that in races where the Republican will be 15-20% ahead. Maybe there are people who refuse to see the obvious, but there is enough light being shone that people are going to be very leery when several districts have 100% or more voter turnout.

  8. Like sundance says Radio, there are trillions at stake. They have all the resources they could possibly need. The fraud is systemic, multi-layered, both parties engage and it’s from top to bottom.

    They stole the presidential election without any blow back and with, for all intents, all of the legacy media in lock step. We’ve been reduced to Soviet Russia where the old joke was they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work, only now it’s we pretend to think voting matters and they pretend to run a fair election.

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