Reputed Head of Gambino Family Gets “Wacked”

Fox News

New York police are hunting for the hitman who pumped at least six bullets into Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali before making sure the 53-year-old Gambino mob boss was dead by running over him with a blue pickup truck as he fled, officials and witnesses said. More

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  1. Running him over with a pickup and shooting him as well.

    That’s a pretty sloppy hit, especially doing it right outside his house,

    Everything’s going downhill swiftly lately, even time honored institutions like the Mafia..

  2. “Running him over with a pickup and shooting him as well.

    That’s a pretty sloppy hit, especially doing it right outside his house,”

    …yes, it is. Almost Clintonesqe. Anyone know if this guy ran afoul of Her Royal Nastiness?

    …Clinton hit jobs are PURPOSELY sloppy. That’s so it’s a warning to others about just how painfully they can die, AND to make the point that, no matter HOW careless they are or HOW many people they kill to get to their target (they once downed an entire planeload of people to get to Ron Brown), that there is always SOME judge, SOME State Governor, or SOME Federal flunky to say it’s a suicide for them, so it says you won’t get JUSTICE for your death, EITHER…

  3. Give the Mob their props. Whoever ordered the hit, will send a beautiful flower arrangement to the funeral home. They’re not total animals ya know.

  4. …if it’s a FUCKING shine box, @gin blossom, just what IS it he wants to SHINE?!?

    😉 (Goodfellas, I know, just havin’ fun…)

  5. Any connection to what a member of the Gambino family said about Michael Cohen? Then a member of Gambino’s family gets whacked. Hmmmmmm.

    An heir to the Gambino crime family has issued a stark warning to Michael Cohen, predicting that President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney may face retaliation behind bars over his Congressional testimony.

    ‘A message for Michael Cohen: He better keep his mouth shut,’ Giovanni Gambino told on Wednesday morning, blasting Trump’s former fixer shortly before he publicly testified.

    Giovanni, the 43-year-old son of late Sicilian mob boss Francesco ‘Ciccio’ Gambino and cousin to infamous crime boss Carlo Gambino, speculated that Cohen’s withering testimony could have harsh consequences.

    ‘Inmates love Trump, and hate rats. If he wants to get out alive, he better keep his mouth shut about Trump,’ Giovanni said.

  6. Still trying to figure out why that the truck was blue is germane to the story.

    Are blue trucks inherently more dangerous?

  7. Speaking of death, but OT, but not….? smile…

    Mar 13 at 10:37 AM

    ….where was I, when I was so rudely interrupted by…. ….life?

    Ah, yes! I had posted a tasteful two line msg suggesting that controlling male sexuality might be an interesting counterpoint to forced birthing.

    Mary Jane Anklestraps wrote a nasty message suggesting I commit suicide.

    I countered that she was not responding wisely…. nor very Christian. She whined to you and you wrote, finally, after I said I was fine stipulating abortion as murder:

    Good, now that you’ve stipulated it’s murder get everyone else to admit it.

    Sure, it sucks to be the woman who gets pregnant if that’s not what you want to have happen. I understand that. But a special set of morality should not be carved out for women because of the way biology dealt the cards, and because a baby gets in the way.

    “Forced birthing” is a stupid expression, particularly when the remedy for the pregnancy is FORCED MURDER upon an innocent baby. Which is the moral thing to do – force a birth or kill the kid?

    We tolerated your attitude and wordplay for years. and here we are in 2019 and you’re still not outraged that a baby can be killed AFTER BIRTH.

    Everything that was said about the ghoulishness, blood thirst, heartless evil about the people who think like you has been vindicated.

    Forced reality will hurt you more than forced birthing.

    Sadly, Fur, that is not the end of it. Now, do you and your denizens believe it is appropriate, in the instance of murder, to shoot the murdering doctor handing out church bulletins on a Sunday morning, as was done to George Tiller?

    What do you do with the young “murderesses?” Tie and blindfold them and take them to the public square to be stoned to death by your jeering fans?

    If it is murder, what is the punishment? What is your thinking on that, or have you not gone that far?

    You may not know but there are armies of young doctors-in-training committed to performing safe abortions, should your “correct thinking jackals” win throughout America. (They practice with papayas. ….smile…..) Do you suppose those young doctors are committed to hate, to murdering neighbors, willing to risk their career and prison because they support “murder?” Think, Fur.

    If your silly-thinking crowd manages to ban abortion, it won’t disappear. The effects will become even sadder and more people will suffer. Young doctors and nurses in prison. Can America afford to lock away the most caring and compassionate of our young doctors? Or, do you consider them hate-filled, deserving of prison?

    The issue of abortion transcends getting the baby out the birth canal, as your denizens never seem to note. Abortion, or not, deals with what is correct for the woman, for the infant, and for society. Yes, for the infant and, sometimes, it is better to stop a life, most likely destined for great pain and suffering. (We shoot horses, don’t we?)

    Although they are committed that all pregnant women should birth, your denizens are a tad loosey-goosey about the punishment for a woman convicted of “not being a good mother.” ….or of a sociopathic rapist/murderer. “Lock ‘em up! Torture ‘em!”

    “How are we to know he would turn out like that?” one of your denizens wrote. How indeed! There are a zillion studies that would have told you, if you’d bother to think beyond the mantra “It’s murder. All babies must be born all the time.”

    Forced birthing is an insane policy, all ‘round. I don’t care if you call it murder, but it is the most humane and loving policy for the little person-to-be, the woman — and society.

    Pendulums often swing wildly from one societal solution to the opposite. Forced birthing is as insane a policy – in the name of love and compassion, no less! – I can imagine. It will do great, long lasting damage.

    I’ll take your denizens screaming hate at me, one on one or in groups. My job, as I see it, is to inspire thinking. Here and there I see a crack. It’s better than it was, years ago.

    If you want your little groupthink crowd not to be bothered with tough questions, let me know and I’ll disappear from IOTW. You don’t even have to ban me; just tell me.

    I’m not sorry I upset Mary Jane; she deserved it, but if that troubles you, just ask me to leave. …..Lady in Red

    PS: I don’t do “wordplay.” Your side does that. I deal with ideas and consequences.

    Fur never responded, wants me, I believe, to leave and leave his bubble-helmeted snowflakes alone. So. I will.

    This is the last message from Lady in Red. ….Lady in Red

  8. I didn’t read what LIR said but I bet it’s about forced birthing.


    OK so the mob guy.
    The history channel is going to have 1000 episodes of this hit by next month.
    Maybe throw in some aliens and hitler. LOL.

  9. ‘1000 episodes of this hit by next month’
    Seen one seen them all,,
    Just don’t have ‘know it all’ Brits do the narrations.

  10. Hey LIR, why can’t you fathom the difference between advocating death for newborns while refusing to show your own commitment to your belief by demonstrating on yourself?
    Adios. Please mean it this time.

  11. Blushes, since you need a name to focus your pathetic rage on, henceforth, I shall be Tom. Just plain Tom.

  12. At least, LIR, you have the luxury of speaking up for yourself. Innocent babies don’t. I rather doubt it doesn’t feel good to be burned alive with chemicals or to have the back of your head stabbed and your brains sucked out. Heaven forbid a baby be given up for adoption… I remember a saying from my childhood. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” These are words spoken here between adults. I believe in some small way, you got a feeling of what an unborn baby must feel. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe your eyes have been opened just a little even if you don’t know it yet.

  13. @ Dame Rouge

    The next logical step is


    Within three months post-natal
    allow the mother to


    And simply hand the born fetus over
    to Planned Parenthood

    Body parts recycling and
    liquidation of entrail remainders

    Methinks Andy Cuomo would champion
    such legislation.


    Also, blue trucks are the mobsters choice. I kilt a pronghorn with mine, washed blood off the fender in the driveway, waved to neighbors, replaced dented fender with grey one.

    Really need a fender rated to Muley or better….

  15. If I wanted an insulated bubble I wield a ban hammer.
    I never banned anyone that didn’t cross the line from simply writing ideas to threatening me or others somehow.

    If everyone that never received a prompt response from me left the site it would sound like the closing credits to Laugh-In around here.

    It’s difficult to respond to someone who claims they are not participating in wordplay when they insist on calling anti-abortion, “forced birthing”, rather than infanticide.


    Would liberating Jews from the holocaust be called “forced Jewing”?

    The Jews annoyed the NAZIS. They were inconvenient. They got in the way of the NAZIs plans. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to murder the Jews?

  16. H.A. Sapiens-

    we were told there would be no slippery slope, and abortion would be rare.
    we are now at allowing termination after birth.
    what’s next?

  17. :racks mossberg;

    “Lady…I’ma give you to the count of three to pop out them bebies like avocado seeds…..”

  18. We all go through lifes experiences which shape our political views. Truth be told I wasn’t sold on the right to life movement until they endorsed killing 16 year olds. But then again. Anyway I would not consider LIR a Liberal. With the exception of her views on abortion. I’ve battled with the woman and have rolled around to respecting her. I’ve been here for a while. I’m not going to change her mind, and she’s not going to change mine. Bigger stakes. She’s family. We need to resolve this.

  19. You’re right Brad. LIR does articulate her thoughts well, and we need multiple view points. This site, The Great iOTW would be the most boring place on the interweb if we all agreed with each other. Hell, I look forward to someone telling me I’m a dumb SOB, well sort of. Anyway, an exchange of thoughts and ideas are what we need. Bring it on!

  20. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, I’ve moved on to the fascinating topic of forced birthing.
    Personally, I’d go with a gun. Simple, direct, cost effective.

    However on further consideration…..tying expectant mothers to railroad tracks might actually be the way to go. Hell, you could clear out an entire maternity ward just by using the 3:10 to Yuma.

    “Ma’am, I’d push if’n I wuz you. That’s Clancey Jones drivin’ that there train….ain’t never seed him sober…”

    :train whistles in distance:

  21. Personally I think LIR has some serious issues. I don’t know what the underlying cause is, but she’s too nuts about advocating for abortion, even nuttier than most pro-choice liberals I’ve ever dealt with to not have some serious issues.
    I often find I agree with Brad, but this time I don’t, I have no respect for LIR, although I do kind of feel sorry for her and believe she needs some serious help. Issues or not any person who harms or kills an innocent child or defends and even advocates for killing an innocent child, deserves no respect only scorn and disgust.

    To be perfectly honest after trying for the last time to make her see how ignorant she is and seeing her doubling down on her ignorance, even using the Bible to claim God made animals in His image I quit reading anything she writes.
    The only reason I read this latest drivel was because after scrolling on past her name and reading BFH comment I was confused on what he was referring too. I say good riddance, she was the one who couldn’t shut up and if someone hurt her feelings, maybe she should think why she drove them to that point. Then it seems as if she got her feelings hurt again because BFH chose to ignore her or didn’t read a post/e-mail she wrote to him.

  22. Can only remember 1 unwarranted comment attacks.
    Felt bad about it? Yep, stupid childish I was.
    Before even doing it I really appreciated IOTW.
    After 30 years on the web, loved the honesty I found here.
    Diverse takes, truly felt takes,,
    Allowed , not censored,
    I also remember thinking someone was being kinda’ a tool, pointing out to them,
    and sayin’
    ‘It’s IOTW, not Twitter Baby’
    Make your point and move on.
    Let’s just be nice,,,

  23. Old Racist White Woman, that’s kind of my point. It’s not important that someone changes someone else’s view of things. I would like to think I have an ability to present my viewpoint to change somebody’s perspective, but what I appreciate is leaving here having heard other people’s ideas so I’m better prepared to articulate mine in other venues. We have a war to fight outside of iOTW, and I’m not sure we are winning.

  24. Old Racist White Woman
    Your opinions fit my opinion, we are simpatico. LIR disagrees on one aspect. Although it’s a big one, do we really want to throw her out of the big tent? I say no.

  25. To Joe6’s point. If we find an individual that agrees with 90% of what our message is, that’s not good enough? Really? no wonder the Libtards are winning. Oh, and all Anons are to chicken shit to participate. LIR had a name.

  26. Just more “forced deathing” by the Mafia, right?

    Re LIR, nobody asked me, but here’s my two cents anyway. Sometimes family members are toxic, Bad_Brad, and they choose a hill to die on (pun intended) and make an endless, repetitive harangue out of it. Abortion is LIR’s hill, and she knows what responses she’ll get here, and we’re all such obtusely stupid, unthinking holy rollers (even those of us who aren’t religious) that one wonders why she bothers to keep trying to enlighten us.

    I agree that we have much more in common politically than not. But she has a mental short that triggers an automatic tirade at the thought of some unworthy being giving birth to a live baby who will certainly grow up and become a beaten, abused, raping, murderous pimping crack dealer because … well, he just would. So we need to kill them so they don’t suffer and then become thugs. I think that’s about the gist of it.

    Her choice. Stay or go. But it’s a discussion that will never reach a compromise and being lectured and insulted tends to wear on people after years of it. I don’t care either way. But there is no such thing as forced birthing, and the use of such a medieval term is utterly ridiculous. Enough.

  27. “I agree that we have much more in common politically than not.”

    I’m wondering if your not really our biggest enemy? Fucking Think!

  28. Forced birthing is disgusting, abortion is worse. Eliminating one doesn’t fix the other. We have a morality issue in this country, we have a purposeful attempt to breakup the family unit in this country, and it is being done to strengthen the governments grasp on every aspect of our lives. If we don’t recognize what is happening our arguments amongst ourselves is just pissing in the wind.

  29. Thanks for that thoughtful response, Brad. Too many words for you? You’re nothing if not consistent. But yes, I am our biggest enemy.

    You’ve outed me. I’m a Hillary-loving troll who faps to Beto O’Rourke and dreams of a threesome with Chris Cuomo and Barack 0bama, videoed by Mooch. My apologies for not rushing to defend an abortion apostle who refuses to admit there are other viewpoints. Thanks to you I no longer have to hide in the shadows.

    Bless your heart. 😂

  30. Merry Poppet

    You are totally missing my point. I give up. All you Holier than though people keep electing Democrats.

  31. That’s just the thing, I couldn’t tell you what LIR agrees with us on. She’s so obsessed with her ignorant forced birthing bullshit that it’s hard to not only read anything she writes, but take her serious on anything.

    I get into a lot of abortion discussions on social media and in real life, often with the most liberal idiots you can find and have never had anyone sound as crazy as LIR.
    Sorry if the SHTF, I don’t want some lunatic who advocates murdering babies with the most insane bullshit of forced birthing fighting beside me.

    I could care less if she stays around here or not, that’s her choice, but it’s also a very liberal move, you said something mean to me and you didn’t respond to me or defend me so I’m taking my ball and going home.

    She brought it on herself, for someone to attack her, because she just couldn’t shut the hell up. She knew she wasn’t going to make anyone think unless it was to think she’s a nut and very damn annoying along with bordering on evil. She obviously craved the attention and enjoyed getting under people’s skin until it crossed a line she didn’t like.

    It’s like the damn snowflakes on FB, I’m deleting my page to only 2 days later be right back on. If you want to leave, leave without the bs. If you want to stay then stay and if you want to continue with the bullshit then face the facts that you’re going to be called out and probably have something said to you that you don’t like.

  32. As long as ‘Holier than though people keep electing Democrats.’ View it as Martha Stewart would say ‘It’s a good thing’ while justifying all the illegals.
    Old Racist White Woman
    Quit while your a head,,,

  33. Old Racist White Woman

    “Sorry if the SHTF,”

    Certainly not your fault. And you bring up a great point. LIR picked her sword to die upon. And if I were able to speak to her I would tell her to focus on other conservative issues. But like I say, I think she still belongs here.

  34. No sir, I am not missing the point. I’ve never insulted or demeaned LIR, but the same can’t be said for her regarding us. That is the point.

    How you relate a difference of opinion with one woman to electing Democrats, I don’t know. I’m not a single issue voter. I recognize there is more at stake than just, God help us, “forced birthing.”

    And you can shove that “you’re electing Democrats!!!11” shit. You have no idea. Some of us do more than talk.

  35. Merry Poopet
    What is your single issue? Abortion? You won’t win the battle or the war with your current strategy. For reasons I mentioned above. Feel free to call me more names and invade my orifices. Ya dumb fuck.

  36. Brad, nope,,,
    Not at all!
    Never been crazy about bully tactics,,,
    Was accused once for killing a classmate in the coatroom,,
    was acquitted.
    psss, was a democrat, keep it on the lowdown, please,,,

  37. Merry Poppet

    I guess your smarter than I, right?
    Where do we draw the line for inclusion into our club. And when does that line become self defeating? Merry? Please. Again, you’re the people I hate most in The Grand Old Party. Ya don’t get it. But please take a shot at my question.

  38. Leaving IOTW is not being kicked out of the tent. She said she was leaving, which is her choice. I’m fine either way. Evidently we need to beg her to continue calling us names because disagree on abortion. That I can live without. You’re saying that means we can’t ever disagree on anthing? You’re making it much bigger than it is.

    Again, you got me. Now excuse me while I go stuff envelopes for Occasional-Cortex and send out emails telling the truth about tRump and his evil ways while pretending to be a die-hard Trump supporter and staunch conservative.

  39. Bad_Brad, you drinking? I think Merry Poppet was more than polite with you.

    I can’t stand thread jackers. LIR was, is, and always will be a mental case.
    Whether the subject is cats up a tree or a couch in the desert, here comes LIR to make it about
    FORCED BIRTHING. And so needlessly smug about it too.
    Let her go. Nobody gives a shit.

  40. Brad, I deal with many people who I disagree with here and there, but we agree to disagree and work together for what is best for our county, state and country.
    I doubt very seriously there is one person on IOTWR I agree with on everything. Outside of the trolls though, there is only one person who beats a dead horse until she pretty much alienated everyone and then instead of accepting responsibility for her own actions, she attacks all of us and attacks BFH as if it’s his fault. She called all of us BFH’s denizens and we’re all his little groupthink crowd and his bubble-helmeted snowflakes . Our side or rather BFH’s side do wordplay, but not her side.

    Sorry Brad, I honestly don’t think she’s on our side and I think she makes that pretty clear.

  41. “Merry Poppet
    Goes from no sir to wanting to insert something in my ass. I think I see the problem.”

    WTF does this even mean???

  42. Merry Poppet
    Do you doubt I’m a die hard conservative? Do you discount my point? There’s no real dialogue going on here because of your juvenile responses. Again, logical question,
    “Where do we draw the line for inclusion into our club. And when does that line become self defeating? ”
    I consider that a logical question. Apparently you don’t.
    Please tell me why. I like winning and I still say LIR has a place here.

  43. Bad_Brad the juvenile responses are all yours.
    She never mentioned a club. YOU DID.
    And by the way, LIR left on her own and you don’t get a say in who belongs here or not.

  44. MJA, you are very correct. She seems to always want to pick a fight and we’re all just too damn stupid to see how clever she is. That is a serious case of being mentally disturbed.

  45. Old Racist White Woman
    I can’t disagree with what you are saying. But I’ve also read some good stuff she typed on other issues other than abortion. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m about votes in 2020. Ya know your one of my favorite posters here. Please take into consideration everything I’ve typed here on this thread.

  46. Old Racist White Woman – LIR enjoys arguing and chaos. she craves it. It’s like a drug. That’s why I hardly ever conversed with her. Why feed the beast? But come on, she can’t hold a conversation without going anti-men and forced birthing? Always ruining a thread for no damn reason.

  47. Oh so iotw is going to make LIR not vote republican in 20? You sure she votes R? That abortion is pretty important to her. She seemed to adore Jill Stein.

  48. bb-
    It’s not that she agrees with 90% of what we agree on, it’s that the 10% she doesn’t agree with makes up 90% of her comments.

    I find it unsavory to continuously try to harangue people out of their position of morality, as if saying “forced birthing” over and over is suddenly going to make someone that objects to infanticide “see the light.”

    It’s been debated, the ball is not going to move, yet she incessantly peppers it in time and time again.


    She’s not filling the comment section with vitality when she does that. It’s extremely enervating.

  49. This airing out of ideas is not a bad thing, even if someone gets pissed off or have hurt feelings. In fact I would go so far as to say it’s more good than bad. Heck, for the most part we have a sense of anonymity here and there is no requirement to stay in a conversation if it’s not to your liking. We all need to go from this forum into the real world and be able to defeat our real enemies and do so without crying about someone taking a cheap shot. We have a war on our hands and we can’t afford to lose. Our little battles are small potatoes.

  50. MJA

    Sometimes you are dumber than a box of rocks. This is one of those times. Did I threaten to invade someones anal cavity? Does that bring any logic to the debate? Tell me where I’m wrong in my point. Does LIR have a place here? How small of a tent do you want? Please continue. AND YOUR GOD DAMN RIGHT I MENTIONED A CLUB. THE CLUB OF LOSERS THAT KEEP GETTING LIBTARDS ELECTED. ARE YOU DRINKING?

  51. BFH
    If what you say is true than I’m wrong. Personally the only thing I’ve ever seen her take a hard left turn on was abortion.

  52. Brad I’m all for votes, but you also have to understand when you have someone who only wants to cause division, you’re not reaching those that might be reading this site who you could win over to vote.
    Do you honestly think LIR could convince a social conservative to vote for Trump or any other good candidate? Just look at how many regulars she has turned off.

    I’m all for a big tent up to a point, but when all they can do is beat a dead horse and piss everyone off then they’re a rotten apple that is going to spoil the entire basket.

  53. Hey brad. You have severely large balls to call me dumb. You’re such a genius you miss HALF the shit said on any thread in particular and you don’t even realize when people are trolling you!
    Focus your retarded ass on this:

    LIR is a thread jacker. Everything she believes boils down to insulting men, being a condescending bitch, and promoting abortion. Got it? She has no other life except that.
    Nobody threw her out. SHE LEFT. There are other people outside who are conservative, who don’t hang out here. Did you know that?

  54. Old Racist White Woman

    I hear ya. But, and this is going to sound stupid, look how she was attacked. Probably justifiably so, but we, including myself, put her on the defensive. I’m out. Good night.

  55. God I love Merry Poppet. Proud to call her friend. Same goes with Tuesday and the funny and beautiful Mary Jane. I guess we’re all that’s wrong with the Grand Old Party according to someone who’s “been here for quite a while”. Lol.

  56. BB-
    I agree with you.
    I think she’s as right-wing as anyone on this blog.
    I think she is smart. She can be interesting.
    She has one particular issue that she is extremely passionate about that is the polar opposite of the majority of people on the blog.

    No, we don’t demand groupthink.
    But we do demand that she doesn’t demand groupthink on her pet issue.

    She’s been tolerated for years with no issues, which I find amazing and speaks to the good nature of our community.
    She left, she wasn’t kicked out.

    There is nothing for us to do at this point except se if she comes back.
    She’s welcome as far as I’m concerned.

    I suggest she change her name to NO FORCED BIRTHING. Then she doesn’t have to hijack threads.

  57. Oh gaaawd here come the threats, right on time. Idiot. Fuck you brad. fuck you fuck you fuck you. lol.
    How’s that? You want me to cash you ousside???


    Old Racist White Woman keeps explaining it to you, Brad. You could sit still for a minute and read it.
    But- It keeps going over your head!

    You’re like an old tv that you keep having to hit to get a picture.
    Fuck this shit. Life is too short. LOL
    *vegas hands*


    That’s right Takashi-san, we haven’t even gotten to tonight’s secret ingredient and already one of the contestants is going after M-J Chan…

    This won’t look good when it comes to final judgement in front of the entire panel.

  59. Snowball the Sourpuss


  60. Brad, normally when people are attacked first, they attack back. She started every attack by starting off with all men who are against abortion are forced birthers and it always went downhill from there.

    What she wrote in her “I’m leaving” post, is what she writes constantly. Everyone but her is stupid, snowflakes, can’t think for themselves, hate kids, want kids abused, only care about kids in the womb.
    Not to mention when a person can talk about murdering a baby like it’s the best thing ever tends to make people see you as evil.

  61. BFH
    Sorry for being a pain in the ass tonight. In my sorry opinion there’s not a lot of logic going on here tonight. I wasn’t in the “Right to life” camp until Libtards tried to justify killing children. That did the trick for me. Inexcusable. Demonic. But there’s no hope unless we get conservatives elected.

  62. @ Brad – What in thee fuck are you babbling on about?! Lolol. Christ on a freakin pogo. Wow. You’re a strange and angry fellow, I’ll give you that.

  63. BB, if you only knew how wrong and silly you sound about certain iotwers here. Snowball the Sourpuss and Merry Poppet are legends, along with MJA and LadyGun12. For you to hang your hat on LIR shows big cracks in your “Conservative” facade.

  64. I was wondering if I was going to make it. Here we are, 100 comments. That’s good, it’s all good, and good night.


    Yes, that’s right Takashi-san, here he is in resplendent robes, looking magnificent as always. Chairman Kaga!!!

    He’s here to reveal tonight’s secret ingredient….

    …not really a secret at this point as the entire set is now on fire….

    ….but there it is…YES! tonight’s secret ingredient, 1.75 liters of Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack!!!

  66. Japanese Announcer,
    Broke out the Single Barrel to keep up with this.
    Will you please do me a favor?
    Knee cap the Iron Chef,,
    Thanks in advance.

  67. Tuesday
    It’s not a case of what ever. If one of your heroines would have typed something on the lines of, “We’re Christensen Conservatives and the abortion issue is non negotiable with us”. I would have got it. That’s far from what they did. Yes? No? They’re amateurs.

  68. Some of us are friends outside of this blog. We are practically family, so fuck with one of us, fuck with all of us. Just don’t.

  69. At least I know it’s “holier than thou”, not “holier than though”.
    And you’re always soooo kind.


    Regarding the New Zealand mosque shooting the Daily Mail is reporting:

    “Tarrant (the shooter) said he was a supporter of Donald Trump as a ‘symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.”

    Wake THE FUCK UP people!!!
    The MSM will run with this until 2020!
    Mark my words…WWIII starts NOW!
    It is a war on US!

  71. Once again, LIR, the forced birther zealot has sabotaged another IOTWr thread. The topic is a whacked mafia don, who now is victimized again by a narcissist, bent on causing strife between commenters who never drew this much blood among themselves.

    Wake up people, LIR wanted this to happen. She could care less about comradary among like minds on a conservative blog.
    Her mission is to cause in fighting so she can feel empowered, important. Mission accomplished. It’s all about her.

    Oh and BTW, “She,ll be back after she convinces herself she has been missed. You haven’t heard the last of the notoriously demented “forced birthing” delirium. It works too well to make a mess of other threads.

  72. 99th Squad Leader, you are correct she will be back and she has read every post and getting a big laugh out of it.
    Do a search for forced birther and it’s all over every leftist blog, social media group and leftist online papers. They repeat the same crap she says.

  73. Good grief!
    Bad_Brad is like some rabies and flea infested creature living in the sewers of Los Angeles. He doesn’t know if he should scratch his itchy balls or bite them off.
    From this thread, it looks like he’s biting them off.

  74. “That was a good pail of milk until the cow put her shitty hoof in it.”
    “That was a long, glorious fall until the concrete sidewalk put an end to it.”

    Most of us have (one or two) issues that we pound upon, because they’re important to us. Each of us is also the hero of his own story – that’s just the way it is.
    Some of us (sometimes) resort to verbal legerdemain to stress a point.
    Some of us use humor.

    “Can’t we all just get along?”
    “God Bless Us, Every One!”

    Except the fukkin ragheads … and the filthy illegal-alien invading rat-people … and those never-Trumpers … and those damned “forced birthers!” Oh, yeah, and the wops and the chinks and the various (and sundry) cans …

    izlamo delenda est …

  75. “I’m a Hillary-loving troll who faps to Beto O’Rourke and dreams of a threesome with Chris Cuomo and Barack 0bama, videoed by Mooch.”

    OMG Merry Poppet. I’m LIVING your dream! Except that Chris Cuomo and Mooch tag team each other.


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