Researchers put mosquitoes on diet drugs

Tricking Mosquitoes Into Thinking They’re Already Full.

Mosquito researchers have hit on a novel approach to fighting the infection-spreading insects. They’re trying a drug used to suppress appetite among humans on the nasty little monsters.

“We know these pathways are important in hunger in humans. Because they are evolutionarily conserved, we made the decision to use human diet drugs to see if they would suppress the appetite of the mosquitoes,” Vosshall said. “Finding that the pathways work the same way in the mosquitoes gave us the confidence to move ahead with this research.”

The new approach leaves mosquitoes for the animals that feed on them, and it avoids the problem of the insects becoming resistant.   More

20 Comments on Researchers put mosquitoes on diet drugs

  1. All you have to do is get diabetes and mosquitoes will leave you alone. They can smell the tainted blood and mosey on.

    Yes, diabetes. Americas first line of defense against airborne annoyances.

  2. Aaron Burr- Nope!I’m type 1 dibeetus and mosquitoes are on me like a jihadi on a 9 year old.

    If research shows that whoever gets bitten by these skeeters loses some weight, I’m open for research volunteerism. I gotta work off some holiday cake.

  3. Hmmm. Maybe you should shoot for type 2 diabetes….. I know skeeters don’t like blood disorders… or maybe it was zombies.

    The point is, mosquitoes are the good lords way of telling you to go inside. You should listen to them.

  4. I am that guy who, standing outside with a small group of friends, is the ONLY one to be eaten alive by the dirty little basterds. Tics and mosquitoes dig me baby.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. Now you’re thinkin’ Molon. Do speed, lose weight, keep the skeeters away.


    Man, this stuff would sell itself.

  6. Diagnosed Type 1 diabetes – Kinda’ screwed
    Diagnosed Type 2 diabetes – No more chips, potatoes, white flour, pizzas, or Hoagies, get off the booze, and don’t get knocked up again for a while after. Type 2 Diabetes has become the new 1st profitable diagnoses and medications that if you follow the instructions for will really ruin your life.
    Early days of UN-needy greedy medical procedure profit was a Tonsillectomy, than Hysterectomy.
    Gonna stop now, too much history due to this bullshit nothing more than it has always been to profit at the expense of another.

  7. Well I’m sorry Blushy. Life is, indeed, a bitch…. probably a fat one with sour milk breath and a mustache.

    However, the good news is that you’re possibly immune from mosquito bites.

    That’s the working theory anyway.

  8. Thanks,
    ‘good news is that we all hopefully should be immune from mosquito bites.’
    No sorry needed,
    When not likely ensured having a fat one with sour milk breath and a mustache.
    Aaron, are you late for a dual right now?

  9. No…no… just ran out of truck related things to to do today. After replacing a front hub I realized I had the entire rest of the day off.

    I’ll get up to no good somewhere’s else.

  10. BTW, Aaron, the Pete Drake post, I built my own in 77′ based on Frampton’s take with the boody bag. (Boody (wine) Bag, should have left it out)
    Thanks for the history I never realized.

  11. I always wanted to try one of things…. I’m impressed.

    But the hub was no problem. Just had to deal with “Crazy Walt” A.K.A. Gabby Hayes for about an hour to get a damn replacement hub off of one of his trucks. He’s about 80 and a talker. Like constant stream of consciousness interspersed with profanity and automotive tips. I admit to self medicating with whatever’s handy before dealing with the guy.

    Got that part, packed the bearings, found the cotter pin, slapped it together…. and then stood around for a while looking for my tire which was in my buddies garage.

    So I went to another buddies house and watched everyone get tattoos.

    I think I’ll make him tattoo Hong Kong Phooey on my butt.

    Oh… and I’ll put the wheel back on tomorrow.


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