Researchers Say Chinese Coronavirus Mutates Slowly

Washington Examiner

The coronavirus’s genetic code stays fairly stable as it infects more people, suggesting that a vaccine would be more effective at combating the virus.

Scientists studying the coronavirus say that it appears to be mutating slowly and that an eventual vaccine would not have to be changed much, if at all, to inoculate people against the disease, according to the Washington Post.

All viruses develop mutations as they replicate while moving through people and populations, and each mutation can make the virus more or less dangerous as well as more resistant to a certain kind of vaccine. The coronavirus’s slow mutation, if it holds, means that virologists can rely on a certain kind of vaccine longer to combat the virus before tweaking it to deal with a newly mutated form of the pathogen. More

3 Comments on Researchers Say Chinese Coronavirus Mutates Slowly

  1. That’s because it is a designer virus made in a covert bio warfare lab. In essence it has one set of instructions. It is not part of nature, subject to natural viral flu like mutation. That, may be the silver lining here. Why hasn’t anyone pressured China as to WHY they thought it was a good idea to make a viral agent without also making the vaccine along with it?

  2. Does anyone find it suspicious that suddenly media is flashing that hundreds have died in the past 24 hours, I’ve seen anywhere from 300 to 400 and the death rate is back up to 1.5%? That percentage is the only thing all of them are reporting the same.

    I’ve been following for over a week now along with some other pages. The numbers have always added up until tonight. Now suddenly the number of deaths is different than when you add up the number of deaths for each state. It says 89 deaths today, yet down by the states it says 236 deaths today.

    Trump says he’s opening up the country and suddenly D.C. shuts everything until the end of April and the death toll is jumping in one day by hundreds, yet everyone is reporting different numbers.


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