Researchers say that if domestic house cats were bigger they’d probably like to kill you


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  1. anyone that has ever known a cat knows this to be the absolute truth
    ….& cat owners will deny it ’till the day they get eaten

    you know I’m right

  2. Grand mountain of bull crap. Animals hauled out of shelters and subjected to what? I might appear ‘neurotic’ too. As it is I am perfectly well balanced and sane even though I have OCD, Obsessive Cat Disorder. Let’s try this experiment with children and see what happens.

    Just think, people are paid through tax dollars to produce this rubbish.

  3. I have an idea… if I die at home alone and no one is here to open cans then my cats will dine off my carcass. What’s left can be cremated and put in litter boxes for use.

  4. I have always assumed that if I was the size of a chipmunk my cat would torment me and then eat me, but I’m not. So instead, he eats the occasional chipmunk, I feed him, and he allows me to pet him. I don’t see the point of these impossible hypothetical scenarios.

  5. Also, good old Buddy has had plenty of opportunities to hurt the grandchildren and he never has. Boxed my grandson’s ears once. He has practiced great restraint.

  6. I miss my dog. Meantime, I have been tasked with socializing and taking care of my parent’s latest mouser (the other one is getting on in years).

    The only way I can keep it off my keyboard or shoulder (she chews on my sweater) is to hit the can of compressed air I have at the ready.

    She runs like the wind every time, and I can’t help but giggle. If she has death thoughts at me, they’re eclipsed by the death thoughts at the can.

    I am a bad, bad person.

  7. Don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but a six year boy was killed by a pit bull in my area last week. It tore his neck open. Same old “He wouldn’t hurt a flea” excuse from the owner.

  8. @Cat Whisper – Obama doesn’t have a cat because he knows from experience they keep trying to flick sand over him to keep the flies away.

    The researcher should document all the reasons that motivates that behavior.

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