Responses To Paul Ryan’s Repudiation of Trump’s Allegation Of Judge Bias

I’ve watched an arc in the Daily Mail’s comment section over the years. I’m sure the RINOs hate the arc, because the new attitude in the comments is definitely a Trump-like one. The editorial pages are still filled with leftist crapola.

Below are responses to an article where Ryan calls Trump’s remarks on Curiel racist.

Sandy Grits, Callington, United Kingdom

The law firm bringing the case is associated with LaRaza. The judge in question is associated with LaRaza. Both are essentially members of the same brotherhood. And did I mention it is LaRaza? And nobody is supposed to think anything of this? And if we do we are racist? That sort of rationale is what Americans are sick and tired of, why America wants Trump and why he will destroy his opponent in the general election.  363 up  28 down

The deluded pumpkin will never win.   74 up  387 down

Trump should ask Ryan to withdraw his support. Ryan is the problem, not Trump.  841 up  87 down

So these who are still supporting Trump would rather have a looming disaster for their country, than vote for Hillary Clinton. How does that, in any rational person’s thinking, work? What they are saying is their party is more important to them than their country and they’d rather have a lunatic lead them, than a rational human. Unbelievable. 7 up  63 down

Jeffrey Lord writing in the American Spectator today totally eviscerated Ryan and the rest of the RINOs trying to kick Trump for speaking the truth: “Race-Driven San Diego La Raza Association Is Exactly What¿s Wrong With the Legal System.” Whatever happened to “blind justice” and TRUE “equality under the law”?  196 up  14 down

The idea that the judge is probably biased against Trump is plain and understandable. The judge is a member of a race-based group that seeks to promote Hispanics over all other Americans. The fact that Trump wants increased border security and immigration law enforcement is an anathema to an organization like La Raza. Trumps comment on the judge isnt racist. It is likely just accurate. That Ryan feels the need to make hay about this statement just shows how weak he is. And clueless.   69 up   8 down

This is why Trump is popular with Republicans, he’s forceing the party to get a spine and fight against the PC brainwashing.   43 up  4 down

That is it. I’m in for Trump. I have had enough of this PC and RINO foolishness. So pointing out someone is hispanic and a member of a racist organization is racist in itself? This crap has gone overboard. So sick and tired of minorities in this country showing bias and spewing any hatred they want and being protected for it. Seems like a lot of some more equal than others. We have illegal immigrants inciting violence and burning American flags and people are defending them? ENOUGH! We are a country, we have a culture, we have laws and the one man who tells it like it is, he isn’t racist, he is legalist, biased towards the laws. Also WI please vote Ryan out, what a traitor.   35 up  3 down

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  1. “Trump should ask Ryan to withdraw his support. Ryan is the problem, not Trump.”
    841 up 87 down

    Somebody needs to go back and get a shitload of thumbs up

  2. I heard Ryan on NPR during my drive home. What I gathered is that is somehow racist to question a judge’s impartiality based on race. You know, like questioning the impartiality of a white judge and a latino or black defendant.

  3. “Paul Ryan threw-away (his speaker position)? What’ll that asshole think of next?
    “Somebody has to go back and get a shit-load of common sense.”
    That’s the modern take on a classic.

  4. I’ve been banned from the Hill for pro Trump comments. I’ve never been banned from any web comment section.

    Being naughty is kind of a thrill. Bad (old) girls for Trump.

  5. You can tell when they are acting scared, you know you’ve got them beat then. Pour it on Mr. Trump.

  6. What keeps me chuckling is whenever the media and RINOs “nail” Trump, they have to eventually do a “Never Mind” like Roseanne Roseannadanna.

    No, they don’t acknowledge they were wrong headed jackasses who jumped, but all of a sudden they are quiet about a topic after Trump proves himself correct or circumstances prove him correct.

  7. I loved the comments at DM. I was one of the 841 hoping Trump would ask Ryan to bug off.

  8. Trump just gave a great speech. The man is always positive and cheerleading but the media picks the one note that may be negative and plays it up. When they do comment on his positive statements it’s to fault him for saying something nice about a Democrat when he was a businessman.

    I see a landslide for Trump. Next week he’ll speak about the Clinton scandals. Can’t wait!

  9. If 0bama was being sued, and the judge was a white member of the KKK Lawyers Association, do you think the left would be calling 0bama a racist for asking the judge to recuse himself?

    Or do you think they would be calling for the judge to be lynched in the street by illegal aliens?

  10. Why doesn’t Ryan just join the dem party or the Clinton campaign and be done with it? That’s who he’s always helping.
    That way he would at least get paid much more.
    The dem party is where the REAL money is. Just ask the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Reid’s, and Pelosi’s etc.

    His debate with Joe Biteme Biden last presidential election showed how worthless he is to the cause.

  11. The tide is turning. Cautiously optimistic, The world is holding its breath, hoping. . .hoping

  12. As with any controversy surrounding Trump when the dust settles he will have increased his standing and the RINOs’ will dig themselves into a deeper hole.

  13. I’m amazed that Ryan can seemingly be smart enough to unravel the illogical logic of the budget, yet be clueless to know that, had HE been the nominee the charges would be EXACTLY the same as the ones against Trump. “He’s a RACIST! He hates women! He hates hispanics! He hates mentally ill men who put on a dress and whip their penises out in the Ladies Room while your 9 year old daughter is in there!”
    The CORRECT answer to the “journalist” question is “Why are you asking ME what Trump said? Go f@ck yourself. Ask Hillary to comment on her husband’s Post Rape Parting Lines.”

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