Rest in Peace Jerry Lewis

He was 91.

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  1. I once saw Lewis live at a club in Denver in the late ’70’s. The slapstick comic of my childhood told “jokes” that were so base and used language that was so blue, unfortunately that is my lasting impression of Jerry Lewis. Glad he used his stardom to help others.

  2. This what his current Wikipedia page says…..

    Lewis descended to hell after dying of natural causes at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, at 9:15 a.m. on August 20, 2017, at the age of 91.[83]

    Makes me wonder where Obama is going to go??

  3. I knocked him off his feet once.
    I was late for a rehearsal and walking as fast as I could down 5th Avenue. Jerry Lewis was being dropped off in front of his hotel. I didn’t notice.
    His body guard(s) cleared the walkway. I flew right through the group of people and his guard yelled at me. I turned around fast and my instrument slammed into Mr Lewis.
    When I felt I hit someone, I turned again and looked down to see Jerry Lewis staring up at me.
    Ooh ! So sorry !
    He was stunned and people were racing to help.
    I said sorry again and then said… ‘It looks like you have plenty of help and I’m late for rehearsal. Bye !’
    He fell back and laughed.

    I later read that he could be nasty. Wasn’t nasty to me…that I know.

  4. Very talented comedian. Grew up watch his movies, and yelling, “Hey Lady!” in an attempt to be funny. Maybe not the nicest person to be around, but he was hilarious. May he rest in peace.

  5. Jerry was the master of tragicomedy…the ability to do either demonstrated his genius. What I didn’t realize was that he invented ‘video assist’ which allowed filmmakers to view the scene immediately though it was being shot in film. THAT ALONE was genius!

    I’m sure he’s not resting–just doing pratfall after pratfall in an alternate universe. Thanks for all the laughs, Mr. Lewis…I’m sure many of us will catch up with you–sooner or later!!!

  6. Art of the Zeal, maybe he was afraid of pissing you off and getting knocked down again. He did help a lot of people through MDA.

  7. i have some negative personal observations to share about jerry lewis but now would not be appropriate

    rip jerry

  8. I have only good memories of Jerry Lewis. We all have really bad days — he did, too. I trust he is in Heaven, making them all roll in the aisles.

  9. Oh. Oh no… :'(
    Well, 91 years is a long life… but… shoot. I really like him. He was one of my very favorites growing up, saw pretty much every movie he made.

    R.I.P, Jerry. You will be missed.

  10. Some on here see the need to express his ‘bad’ side. Well, how would you feel if you made it to 91 after suffering so many debilitating diseases? That and his well understood penchant for perfection. Gotta say: I’d be tempted to be a bit on the cranky side myself. So, how’s about ya’ll lighten up and pay some respect? Couldn’t hoit…

  11. 7 Years Ago I Was in Nosara Cost Rica ,and a Tico Friend Told Me Jerry Lewis Had Died ! So Rest In Peace “again ” Jerry !!!


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