Restaurant diners flee after former employee and friend return for ‘terrifying’ rampage: ‘Glass everywhere’

I only posted this because of the names of the perps. The pictures aren’t uninteresting either.

Fox – Two women in southern California were recently busted for vandalizing a restaurant where one of the offenders used to work. The former employee allegedly used a bat to bash a television, table settings and plates, causing thousands of dollars in damages.

On Oct. 5, around 1:30 p.m., Passion Shenay Coleman and Laglennda Damona Carr allegedly entered the Maggiano’s Little Italy in Costa Mesa, wearing face paint and sweatshirts with the hoods “pulled tight in an effort to conceal their faces,” the Orange County Register and KTVI reported.

Coleman, 27, and Carr, 24, surprised lunch patrons with yelling and “disruptive” behavior as they caused mayhem,


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  1. If Obama had two daughters…….not so fast, the two you are thinking of are props purchased for mooch and her hubby by George Soros. Paternity tests anyone?

  2. ‘PASSION SHENEA’ you can’t make this stuff up.
    Thousands in damages,You will never get 1 penny
    in restitution.They have nothing but their pathetic
    miserable wellfare shit sucking life to give and it
    has the value of something that was hocked up green
    and spat upon the street.

  3. The one on the left has that surly snotty
    entitled look.The one on the right could
    make a freight train take a dirt road.

  4. LMAO, there used to be a late night 1-900 infomercial back in the 90s where you could call and get an authentic male or female African name. Their ages suggest this could have been a contributing factor.

  5. In a more civilized State, where citizens are “allowed” to carry weapons, these two would not have even tried this stunt for fear of being shot in self defense.

  6. We go to this restaurant frequently because the owners and employees are so nice and the food is great too. They seem to target
    nice people.

  7. I don’t think Darwin ever suggested that evolution always headed in a positive direction. He only claimed that organisms changed to adapt to the demands of their environment…

  8. Let’s see now, black check, womyn check possibly dykes check. Yep, the restaurant owner is likely to owe them money once they pass through Newsom’s Brave New World.

  9. Orange County just ain’t what it used to be since I lived “behind the Orange Curtain”.

    One of the “women” shouted “I’m not good enough? Take that,” as she vandalized the restaurant.

    That’s correct, sweetheart, you aren’t. You just proved their point.

  10. The one gal appears to have been wearing white face. Where do I register my I’m offended complaint?

  11. Oh, I would TOTES have a three-way with those two broads. HOTT!!
    My 35th birthday is coming up!*

    IOTWbucks to anyone who gets the reference.


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