Restoring the rule of law

The Rule of Law’s Collapse

Kevin Kiley- CA legislator:

Newsom’s Health Secretary, Dr. Ghaly, just admitted there are no metrics for ending the State of Emergency. He added that even if it does end, Newsom will keep mask and vaccine mandates in place. The rule of law is officially a thing of the past.

Newsom’s disdain for the rule of law was clear after yesterday’s Rittenhouse verdict. He immediately attacked the jury. Ordinary citizens reaching a decision based on evidence – the design of our Founders – goes against everything he stands for.

In our trial against Newsom, the rule of law was the theme of my opening statement:

From this comes the most basic form of freedom – freedom from the arbitrary dominion and control of another. It’s what gives life to the premise that we as citizens are not mere subjects of state power but authors of our own political destiny. It’s what makes possible the great American experiment of self-government.

For 20 months we’ve fought to keep the spark of self-government alive. It’s starting to pay off. Monday’s rally against Newsom’s student mandate drew 2,500 people, and dozens more school districts have written letters or resolutions opposing it. more

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  1. California Teacher Association warned numb nuts last week that if he kept insisting on VAXING children attending public schools that there wouldn’t be any public schools anymore. Any parent that’s concerned with the health and welfare of their kids is finding alternatives to public schools. Current enrollment is way down, and dropping.
    I live north of Sac County, none of the northern counties are following his mask bull shit. In fact Sacramento County, the County with the State Capital is not enforcing it. As the tee shirts say, Fuck Newsom.

  2. A Nation governed “by the people” has been usurped by people who consider the mass of mankind to have been born with saddles on their backs, and they a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them.

    Those who see themselves as among the latter need to at least stay in their own lane, if not just be told by we the people to eat shit and bark at the moon when they act out in this manner. And that included the Courts who are allowing this attitude to become institutionalized.

  3. “the great American experiment of self-government”…

    …now, increasingly viewed as a failure. If trends continue, it will reside in the scrapyard of history.


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