Retired Army Colonel Explains Trump’s Superior Middle East Policy


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  1. Heard this Colonel on Joe Piscopos radio show the other morning…I WAS CHEERing.

    Not Right Stuff…GREAT STUFF.

  2. Even without hearing this guy I like what Trump did, and is doing. We have spilled enough precious American blood trying to police those maniacs that are hellbent on killing everyone that isn’t their goat.

  3. The dems continue to be flummoxed by our president who is light years ahead of them.
    Although they’re bombarding the administration with schemes and treachery together with all the support from the press and the deep state actors they’re unable to gain traction. Their world is crumbling around them.

  4. I don’t think he’s intellectually a powerhouse, but he is basically a very, very smart man. No matter what the subject, any argument he involves himself in, it’s on his terms.

  5. you have to ask yourselves if President Trump knows to do this, how come our professional politicians, msm talking heads, think tank prophets and everyone else does not or won’t do it?

    we are in trouble and the only one saving our bacon is President Trump.

  6. You have to understand the global strategic goals of the one world cabal. They have to diminish and destroy the shining city on the hill to remove the dominance and sovereignty of just nation.

    Why not make a little money on the side as you murder a moral America? Like the Urkraine, the globalist cabal uses world conflicts to launder aid money back into their pockets. The Northern Syria conflict is no different, the cabal profits from the war machine on one hand and the foreign aid peace machine on the other.

    This cabal has been doing this since 1917, do you think WW1, the commie revolution, and establishment of the League of Nations were all coincidental?

    The alphabet agencies we added by FDR who realized the value of weaponized federal bureaucracies and deliberately took us off the gold standard. Throw in the Federal reserve and you begin to understand the magnitude and power of the Deep State, it is truly frightening in scale.

    The post Industrial Age oligarchs have been running the global show for over a century now and Trumpus Maximus is dismantling each of the cabals money laundrymats one at a time.

    The whole Kurd thing and SDF was a set up by John McCain to enrich the Deep State and globalist empire.

    El Presidente is going to expose the one world cabal money machine starting with the Urkraine, while he shuts down their revenue streams one conflict at a time.

    Now add in a healthy dose of satanic human and child trafficking, add a pinch of pedophlia, infanticide, drugs, sexual perversions, and open boarders and voila a satanic stew of global proportions.

    This is the civil war upon us patriots, gird you loins, cause you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  7. Did you not enjoy Douglas MacGregor’s statement: “The President has checkmated all the key players in the region in Syria. Now they must confront each other for a change”.

    “Are you not entertained?” – Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Go Trump!


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