Returning Nike Shoes

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  1. I and some of my friends stopped buying Nike in ’78 when they made it clear they hated America. Some of my friends said America is a bad country, nike is right, and bought more (I think).

    But as Nike has said many times the last week , they have given $millions to leftist/progressive Republicans. They are not anti GOP; just anti-America!

  2. The MSM has reported that Nike stock has gone back up. What they didn’t tell you is that it was the stores stock back up because of returns.

  3. Stocks can be manipulated greatly, in the short term.
    Then they’ll fall like a stone building that’s set on a wooden foundation that was totally shredded by termites.

    The longer they prop Nike up, the harder and louder the crash!

  4. I’ve been boycotting Nike and all “sneakers” all my life.
    Ever since Red Ball Jets didn’t make me “run faster and jump higher”.

  5. The logo looks like a white whip on a black background… if that ain’t raciss, ain’t nuttin’ raciss!!!


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