Reuters Headline: Truck Attacker Kills 84…

Challenge: Find the words Islam, Muslim or Muhammad in the linked Reuter’s article on the Nice terrorist attack.



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  1. The man, identified by French police sources as 31-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, was not known by the Tunisian authorities to hold radical or Islamist views, the sources said.

    One click off the article, to another article.

  2. Founding Member of the Mohammed Motor Club….He is a muslim nutjob. WE all know it no matter how much the press tries to cover it up./

  3. When will Obama come out against assault trucks in the U.S.? After all, it’s easier for teenagers to get their hands on a truck than it is to get them on a computer, or a book.

  4. If they had only set up those little wooden saw horses and posted signs saying “Car and Truck Free Zone,” this whole tragedy could have been avoided. I blame the French police.

  5. i am truly amazed that whoever is playing liberal larry can actually make light of this tragedy, perhaps only to stop if this were to happen to somebody he actually cares about


  6. The name of the town is really La Trinite. The mix-up came when the media accidentally revealed their true nature when they coined the phrase ‘Nice Terrorism’.

  7. Okay, he told the French Fuzz that he was delivering ice cream, so they let him park along side the road, where he stayed for 9 hours, before committing mass murder. However, if you look at the truck, it is obvious there is NO COOLING unit on it, and the truck was shut down while it sat. It’s a rental box truck with no cooling unit, no signage, nothing.

    Were the cops drunk, stupid or neutered by political correctness? Or all three?

  8. Nothing to do with Pisslam. Witnesses misunderstood his of ‘Aloha Snackbar’ and thought he said ‘Allahu Akbar’.

  9. End of 1st paragraph:”the attack bore the hallmarks of Islamist militants”.

    2nd paragraph writer cites;”Western Europe, already anxious over security challenges from mass immigration, open borders and pockets of Islamist radicalism”.

    Further on: Francois Molins said of the investigation, “It will also try to find out whether Mohamed Laouaiej Bouhlel had ties to Islamist terrorist organizations.”

    “Although yesterday’s attack has not been claimed, this sort of thing fits in perfectly with calls for murder from such terrorist organizations,” Molins added.

    Is there a prize?

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