Reuters Propaganda Headline: “Man Arrested After Boy Falls from Balcony”


This is infuriating…. Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda is charged with attempted homicide after throwing a random five-year-old boy from the third level of the Mall of America.  How does Reuters present the story:

Man arrested after boy falls from balcony at Minnesota’s Mall of America


28 Comments on Reuters Propaganda Headline: “Man Arrested After Boy Falls from Balcony”

  1. I’d be much happier to read “Man Falls To His Death After Throwing Boy Off Balcony, Total Accident, Witnesses Say”

  2. If it was some crazy white guy helping a black kid fall from a balcony it would be nonstop headlines for a week.

  3. The rich people who own these media conglomerates apparently don’t care if their news outlets tell the truth or not.

    I can understand Reuters not saying, for legal reasons, that the man pushed the kid, but it could have said “allegedly pushed”, to address eyewitness accounts.

  4. The little boy (as if it matters) is a beautiful little blonde boy. As innocent as a little kid can be. This bastard should not be taking in oxygen right now..

  5. “Man arrested after allegedly throwing boy from balcony at Minnesota’s Mall of America.” would have been technically correct and covered the writer’s pretrial publicity butt. But there’s probably more to his omission than that, unless it’s just some sleepy kid on the night shift.

  6. You know damn well if a white man threw a black boy off a 3rd story balcony, the leftists and the Black Lives Matter people would be off their rockers. Since the roles are reversed…silence….

  7. When will President Trump express his horror at this criminal act? When will he show his compassion for the little white boy and his family? This has become international news, not just national. Where is the voice of the President to condemn this hateful crime against a child?

  8. I’m so phucking sick of evil-doers and those that hate peace and tranquility…..I am more than ready to take up arms and join a crusade.

  9. He was obviously motivated my Ilhan Omar’s hate speech and is rumored to be a fellow Muzzloid.

    He committed a hate crime. He targeted a white kid to throw over a railing and the Islamic Republic of Minnesota doesn’t want to charge it.

  10. There are no good people in minnesota. There are only extreme leftists willing to promote human sacrifice to appease the evil god of islam and their willing victims. The state is a muslim shithole.

  11. Hate to break it to you Kermitt, but you are fucked up. I’m from Minnesota, and such a broad statement is clearly ridiculous. I personally know of at least 3 people in Minnesota that are not extreme leftists, and do not promote human sacrifice. I hope that clears things up.

  12. This poor little kid will never get the justice he deserves because the fucking animal that did this is a protected species in todays america. I hope son convict pulls his guts out through his nose when and if he goes to prison.

  13. Here’s hoping that the kid joins the Air Force when he grows up and gets to drop a MOAB or two on that fcker’s homeland!

  14. Pray for the boy, y’all. He is critically injured and will need multiple surgeries and probably years of medical care.

  15. The man is a muzzie, they cannot leave the camp, changed his name from one of the many variants of mo-hammed, to a name suitable for a hyphenated resident of America.


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