REVEALED: Liz Cheney’s Husband Works For Chinese Communist Party-Linked Law Firm.

National Pulse-

Phillip Perry – the husband of the House Republican Conference Chair who looks set to be ousted over her outlandish criticisms of her own party and its leader Donald Trump – serves as a Partner at Latham & Watkins. The firm, which has offices in Shanghai and Beijing, has worked with companies labeled “tools” of the Chinese Communist Party by the U.S. State Department and People’s Liberation Army collaborators.

Landing the position after working in the George W. Bush administration, Perry has defended the “revolving door” between government officials and lobbying and legal firms: MORE

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  1. “Liz Cheney’s Husband Works For Chinese Communist Party-Linked Law Firm.”

    What the Hell….I assumed ALL liberals worked for the Chinese.

    Maybe I’m a little slow on the uptake.

  2. Are their any members of the RINO party who isn’t a traitor and or spy?
    Didn’t think so….

  3. I’m “shocked, snacks!” ;to see another Cheney tied to Communist!

    Where are my winnings?

  4. at one time i felt sorry for these traitors that they are going to get what they deserve.

    Not any more.

  5. China: the most racist culture on planet Earth.

    Congratulations, Liz &n Perry.

    How come she didn’t take his last name, I wonder?

    So, I started digging…

    First, I read her Wikipedia page which has a link for Perry:

    General counsel for Department of Homeland Security:

    In April 2005, President George Bush nominated Perry to be the general counsel for the Department of Homeland Security.[10][8] Perry was confirmed unanimously by the U.S. Senate later that year. In his position as the general counsel for the DHS, Perry supervised over 1,500 lawyers, and advised Secretary Michael Chertoff and the White House on the Department’s legal and policy issues. Issues of influence for Perry included, but were not limited to, “the transit of people and cargo, comprehensive immigration reform, and critical infrastructure such as chemical plants.”

    (1500 lawyers!?!)

    In that article is a link to Perry’s real “expertise” which was realized when he returned to private life:

    Perry was also “closely involved” in the inter-agency Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) National Security Agreement process.

    Which led to:

    That’s an eye opener!

    In other words, he’s an expert at approving the sale of U.S. assets to China. He’s selling out the United States.

  6. I think it’s about time to stop ALL TRADE with china and start to manufacture GUILLOTINES in this country…I’ll even operate the damn thing as long as I don’t have to bend over to pick up a head or anything I’ve got a fractured back and two bad knees so I have mobility issues, but by God I’ll help drain the swamp if I can!

  7. I wonder what John Brennan’s price was. You just know he sold out like the rest of them. Hell, he probably opened the door for them in the massive OPM breach back in Barky’s administration. Million of federal government personnel records stolen by the Chicoms. They must have gone on a massive buying, infiltrating and blackmailing spree, and we are only now seeing the results. Forget making DC another state. Just make it another province of China.

  8. Looking down the upcoming Century, I imagine the Chinese intend to confuse the societies, strangle the economies, and then collapse the populations of the West and non Chinese Asia. Lebensraum, but in Mandarin.

    The stupid politicians think they are saving the Planet by destroying their nations by economic suicide. But they are just helping China terraform the planet for their eventual takeover.

  9. “…there’s a mole right at the top of the Circus…”

    Seems there are thousands of moles.

  10. Let’s just Swap Washington DC, California, and Nueva York to the Chi Coms for Hong Kong and a six pack of beer. we would come out ahead in the long run

  11. I have a funny feeling that President Trump already knew this dirty little secret about Liz, but ran out of time to do something. Besides, he has a series of swamp rats running DOJ and FBI.

  12. Chicom tentacles run deep through this country.
    Even here in North Maine, two of the six paper mills that have survived the enviroterrorist attacks are owned by Chicoms.
    It appears that the Chinese peasants have discovered toilet paper.

  13. ^^^^^
    Maine is such a mess.
    Between the Chicoms, Soros owned women in political office and General Mills the nasty little dictator and leftist out of staters making it unaffordable for young people.

    It will crash. Did before.

    The Bushies are like a big incestuous cult. They don’t care about destroying the country as long as they get lots of money.


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