RFK granddaughter, 40, and son, 8, presumed dead after Chesapeake Bay mishap, family says

FOX: An active search for two members of the Kennedy family who went missing Thursday during a boating trip on Chesapeake Bay in Maryland has been suspended, the U.S. Coast Guard said Friday, according to reports.

Family member Kathleen Kennedy Townsend says the search for her 40-year-old daughter, Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean, and the daughter’s 8-year-old son Gideon McKean “has turned from rescue to recovery,” according to a statement.

Both McKean and her son were seen struggling to return to shore during a canoe trip near Herring Bay, Washington, D.C.’s FOX 5 reported. MORE

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  1. I spent most of my childhood growing up in Saluda Va.
    When the Bay decides to change her attitude she can be a real bitch.

  2. “…during a family gathering…”
    Karma made a call.
    Hate me all you want. I feel sorry for the kid. The adults should not have had a “family gathering”. Grandma Kathleen decided she was above the law made for the peasants.
    The mother should not have entered the water without a life jacket, especially with a kid.
    Also – because of the lock-down, nobody else was nearby with a boat.

  3. Gee Wally, there’s a family that should stay away from cars, boats & planes!

    Yeah Beave, not to mention running a train on their women!

  4. I thought all the beaches and boating had been shut down cuz of the Wuhan Flu hoax.

    Guess the Kennedys didn’t get that message.
    Sorry for the loss – there’s no way these whelps could be as odious as Kathleen.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Something fishy here. Chesapeake Bay is only about 10 miles wide at this location. Unless there were gale force winds whipping up whitecaps or a massive thunderstorm, how would two people in a canoe get “overwhelmed?” If the wind and current were against them, they could just paddle to the other shore. Very confusing. If they were taking on water and had nothing to bail with, cupping the hands is pretty effective for bailing.

  6. “Both McKean and her son were seen struggling to return to shore during a canoe trip“. That would have been a good time to rush rescue. But I would imagine the onshore people tried. Water is treacherously strong when combined with wind.

    The loss of loved ones is devastating. God Bless every single person experiencing that loss. It NEVER leaves you. Time only slowly builds a cushion around the numbness of loss.

  7. @Quinn
    It was very breezy here in MD on Thursday. The surface was probably very choppy. The water is also still very cold. The adults should have known better.

  8. @Anonymous – so true, do any of them ever die of natural causes??
    I think it all goes back to Old man Joe Kennedy. My mother always use to say, when he put that one daughter in the mental institution, his problems all began.

  9. I do not wish to offend but,

    This Kennedy family always seems to be dropping dead while fucking around doing rich people things.

    Except John and Robert, They/their father might have pissed of the mob.

    And how many last names??????

    One of Turdeau’s brother was killed in an avalanche years ago skiing. Too bad summer in coming!

  10. You’d think the Kennedy’s found that tiki idol that the Brady boys gave back to the Hawaiian gods.

  11. I agree with “extirpates”. They are always doing stupid risky things like get drunk and ski down a hill into a tree. Why on earth did they go after this ball – do they not enough money to buy another one?
    I am a “quiet Christian” and have noticed over my lifetime that the Bible (especially the Old Testament) has a lot of wisdom in its pages. Old Joe was an evil old man and in the Old Testament the evil/stupidity lasts until the 7th generation before it is bred out.

  12. Looks like yet another case of the Kennedy ego writing a check that the rest of the Kennedy brain couldnt cover

    You know, like flying a plane into a storm, or skiing into a clump of trees, or driving onto a footbridge in the dark while drunk

  13. @TRF

    That “Leave it to Beaver” thing is a great vehicle for satire, aint it? I did that a few times many many years ago

    Some suggestions:

    End.the thing with Wally saying “Now go to sleep before I have to slug ya one” .. or .. “Dont say that outside the house or Dad could lose his job” .. “Be careful about saying stuff like that around Ms Landers”

  14. I have never been a fan of the Kennedy’s ever. They are one of the most corrupt and totally amoral political families that this nation has ever had. They make the Clintons look like pikers. Camelot, my ass it was all smoke and mirrors and total bs. The only son who escaped this mess was Joe Kennedy Jr. who died on a suicide mission of his bomber in World War 2. Old Joe must’ve made one Hell of a deal with the Devil because he sold his whole family out for fame and fortune and power over others. Callmelennie, Wally says to the Beave “whatever you do don’t say anything to Eddie Haskell or Clarence “Lumpy” Rutherford.”

  15. Apparently, someone else was in the canoe, was drunk, flipped it over, and instead of rendering assistance, decided to head back to the party to get someone else to take the blame….

  16. John Paul Jones wrote something like “I’d rather spend a month in the Atlantic than a week in the Bay”.

    I traveled the Potomac and the Bay quite a bit until we sold our boat. It is that bad. Many stories. 🤔

    Not gonna miss any Kennedys. Tragic for sure, but c’mon. Kayaks are for lakes and creeks. Used to fish in kayaks as well, current is your enemy.

  17. @geoff – Joe Jr was actually the first of the curse, 1944, Rosemary had lobotomy 1941.

    @big momma – I said same thing, they couldn’t buy another ball???

  18. How long before a Kennedy uses this loss of life for sympathy votes while 3000 babies are executed in the womb every day because of Ted Kennedy?

  19. …I’ve almost drown twice in my life, the first time as a child in a frozen lake, the second as a man taking his first swim in the Atlantic way after the lifeguards had gone home. Both times I felt my strength leaving me and came face-to-face with the idea that my own power is insufficient, that I was going to die without help.

    It sucks. It is terrible to face such an utter defeat, and yet have time to realize you had doomed yourself with your own stupidity.

    I do not like Kennedys, but I would not wish that on ANYONE, least of all a child.

    God can use ANYONE, even a Kennedy. He should at least have a chance to do so.

    This child died from adult stupidity. I will not celebrate the death of such a one, whatever his accident of birth. This is truly a tragedy.

    …in my case, the Lord saw fit to save me, from the ice by the hand of a friend, and from the ocean by a calming prayer leading me out of a riptide, which I had heard of but did not respect before. I certainly do NOW.

    Were He not there to lend me His strength, literally or through others, I would have myself been lost to an appallingly aware death. But at least I HAD the Lord.

    This boy had probably never even been INTRODUCED to Him. Proud though they are of their catholocism, it rests VERY lighly on them, as with ALL Democrats who countenace abortion, just enough to give them Pharasee credit and earn a Pharasee’s reward (Matthew 6:2). This boy, raised by wolves such as these, most likely didn’t even know His NAME.

    …and THAT, my friends, is the TRUE tragedy…

  20. When some woman and child associated with a Kennedy male comes up “missing”, I’d wager they we’re killed by the Kennedy male in an alcohol or drug induced rage, and the family fixers are covering it up with the “presumed missing on a boating trip” narrative. Where are the bodies? Likely dissolved in a vat of acid by now.

  21. What were their connections with HRC?

    Oh, don’t worry about that, the FBI’s too busy trailing Trump.

    izlamo delenda est …

  22. Evidently it was the only ball they owned. Tragic when a poor underprivileged boy loses his only toy. Of course they had to go out in a canoe (!) to get it.

    RIP Gideon.

  23. Is there really a Kennedy Curse?
    Yes, the Kennedys have been a curse on the American people for decades. And nothing says “sleaze” like relatives who are 20 steps away from the Kennedy name, yet shoehorn it into their own name to gain privilege and prestige from other liberal imbeciles.


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