Rhode Island Governor Tells New Yorkers They’ll Hunt Them Down to Stop Wuhan Coronavirus Spread

TownHall: President Trump is mulling a 14-day quarantine for the Tri-State area, but Rhode Island’s Democratic Governor Gina Raimondo has already gone DEFCON 1 with regards to containing the spread into her state: she’s giving the green light for the National Guard and state law enforcement agencies to stop New Yorkers from coming into the state. It’s no exaggeration. Some New Yorkers have summer homes in the state and Gov. Raimondo said they will be going door-to-door to search these residences. Anyone from New York discovered will be ordered into self-quarantine for 14 days. 

Anyone driving into the state with New York license plates can be pulled over by the police. As for bus stops, airports, and Amtrak stations, the National Guard will be stationed there. Raimondo’s order is clear to those from the Empire State: We’re closed. Of course, the local American Civil Liberties Union chapter is crying foul (via Bloomberg): more here

17 Comments on Rhode Island Governor Tells New Yorkers They’ll Hunt Them Down to Stop Wuhan Coronavirus Spread

  1. Well, we have often debated, whose side the military and the police would be on, when liberty is attacked…. BUT IT”S FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!!!!!! is the refrain that will sheeple most.
    fukc it, I’m going to Harbor Freight.
    “The first stage in the corruption of morals is the banishment of truth …”
    Michel de Montaigne

  2. Damn. There goes this year’s Newport Music Festival in July and the Newport Jazz Festival in August. Wave that $$$ bye-bye, Rode Eyeland.

  3. More like “Bladerunner”

    I posted a Pic of Hannibal Lecter….With the Caption

    “When the Food runs out…We’ll still have each Other”

  4. Maybe we could get New York and Rhode Island to declare war on each other?

    In any event this is really no different than California did to those people fleeing from the dust bowl Sates to find work in California.

  5. As far as I can tell Rhode Island is listed as a sanctuary state, and made so by duly elected politicians. So, what’s the deal RI? Suddenly NIMBY.

    Florida economy could use the $ refugees would bring from other states, and I don’t like the police/military stops according to state license plate. Also show of force/monitors supposedly posted at airports. Am I right on this – has the governor blocked seasonal rentals from operating right now?

    Sad. Not good “Home of the Free/land of the brave”.

  6. So much for E Pluribus Unum. Rhode Island is even more corrupt than my state, Connecticut, believe it or not. Lotsa Mob activity there.

    So when do they issue the “Shoot to Kill” orders and are my State officials complicit in this contamination by letting the New Yorkers drive through us to Rhode Island?

  7. Where’s Snake Plimpkin when you need him? Can the sequel to the Hunger Games be far behind?

  8. Quite the stupid thing to say.

    What if the Dem Yankees decide to lawn dart specifically Rhode Island bonds.

    Payback is a bitch but this is when everyone should remain as calm as possible & work together so that you can recover and then FUCK CHINA like Idris Elba fucked Turdeau’s wife at the WE festival!

    The pride of my Nation Folks!

  9. Can you IMAGINE if obama or hillary clinton was president during all this?

    Can you IMAGINE??… (WTF – hold on a second – there are soldiers standing outside my door!… )



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