Rhode Island Teachers’ Union and ACLU Object to Bill Outlawing Sex with Students


Remember that one summer at band camp when you wished you could jump the bus driver’s bones? No? What about freshman year when you wanted to leap over the cafeteria barrier to make sweet love to the chubby guy slinging slaw? No? Okay, how about that one time you wanted to grab the janitor for a quickie during morning recess? Is this not ringing any bells for you? Maybe you were elitist and only wanted to do your biology teacher. The only thing that stopped you from reaching higher planes of sex ed was that pesky law saying you weren’t a consensual adult until 18 or whatever. LAME! Here to agree with you, the teachers of Rhode Island and the ACLU, who, based on their opposition to a new law outlawing sex with students, are eager to right swipe on those pretty young things in high school.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Alex Marszalkowski, D-Cumberland, says that any school employee — including bus drivers, vendors and school volunteers with supervisory authority — would be guilty of third-degree sexual assault if they have sex with a student between the ages of 14 and 18. (Under existing law, a person is guilty of first-degree child molestation sexual assault if he or she engages in sex with a person younger than 14.

So there seems to be a gray area between the spritely young ages of 14-18, and Alex Marszalkowski (say that name five times fast), wanted to close the door on sex perverts hoping to get nasty with Tiffani and Braden between third and fourth period. more

12 Comments on Rhode Island Teachers’ Union and ACLU Object to Bill Outlawing Sex with Students

  1. Well pinch my ass and call me sally: The “progressive” left uses children to advance their political agenda.

    In other surprising news: The sun came up in the east this morning.

  2. Not really understanding why laws should be different in any way for teachers vs. any other adult. I can’t see supporting any law that specifies ‘if a teacher’ or ‘if working for a school’ as some additional carve-out.
    Ditto ‘if a racial minority’, ‘if a gender-identifying minority’, etc. You get the picture.

  3. I had a HUGE crush on my driver’s ed teacher in High School. He looked like the main character in Greatest American Hero, with the little blond fro and all.

  4. Why can’t they just make it a policy to fire people who have legal or illegal sex with a student? 18 is legal, but not if you’re both 18 and over and in the same school.

    Why add a sex law where one already exists? I would oppose this as well, it’s already a crime to have sex with a minor.

  5. The democrat party is home of the perv and the pedophile. Where else are they going to get cover for their sins against the most innocent in exchange for donations?

    Hillary clinton and harvey weinstein. Bill clinton and jeffery epstein. Etc.


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