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Rich, fat, and sweat soaked Michael Moore says: ‘OBAMACARE IS AWFUL’

Big Hollywood

Michael Moore calls ObamaCare “awful” in today’s The New York Times, part of a blistering op-ed attacking the president from the far left.

The progressive pines for socialized medicine, and he says so does President Barack Obama despite the health care overhaul which now bears his name.

Obamacare is awful.

That is the dirty little secret many liberals have avoided saying out loud for fear of aiding the president’s enemies, at a time when the ideal of universal health care needed all the support it could get.

Moore goes on to hit his usual targets–Republicans, greedy insurance companies and conservative think tanks. He also mocks the term “affordable” in the reform’s official name, citing the costs an average family might incur under the new system.




14 Comments on Rich, fat, and sweat soaked Michael Moore says: ‘OBAMACARE IS AWFUL’

  1. So, he is “blasting” obamacare because it isn’t communist enough yet. What a huge, pasty, smelly-looking piece of stinking offal.

  2. He says it’s “awful” because the fat fuck is too stupid to know it’s a stalking horse.

    It’s the path to single payer. That’s all its ever been.

  3. The first day of Obamas’ presidency was awful.
    The second day was worse. The third day was horrible. The forth day was asinine.
    By now there are no more words to describe how bad it is.

  4. Moore may have said Obamacare is “awful,” but he also said Single Payer is “the way to go.”

  5. This guy is a cheeseburger or two away from a coronary. He doesn’t know it, but Moore is lucky we have, or had the system we do. He doesn’t have to risk a socialized medicine bureaucrat telling him he has to wait a few months for his bypass surgery or, given his age and physical condition, deciding that procedures in excess of pain killers would be a waste of valuable resources.

    Of course, the political elite like to take care of their own, so it’s entirely likely Moore would not be required to follow the regulations normal peons have to adhere to – he can eat himself into a first class medical ward, and even then big brother wouldn’t tell him to quit being a pig. Moore is still a useful idiot – even the Cubans pulled the wool over his eyes when he made “Sicko.”

  6. The movie “sicko” did make some good points, such as how some people are WORSE OFF with insurance than without. Cancelled plans, denied coverage, so on. He effectively points out some of the problems with the health insurance industry at the time.

    Of course, his analysis of european socialized medicine was obviously biased and whitewashed, and his fawning over the cuban health care system was … eh.

  7. Do you think this porcine paragon of platitudinous propaganda has any idea what ‘awful’ really means?

    When Obama’s Nazis are in full swing they’re gonna render this fatass into about 600 lbs. of soap.

  8. They aren’t exchanges, Double M. I’m going to call you the Brown M&M. You must participate or else. Free healthcare, housing, wages, for all! Just let the Leftists pick and choose what, when, where, and how things are done. Don’t question! Free-Dumb!

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