Richmond, Virginia Police chief breaks down, discusses fire set to home with child inside: ‘It’s unacceptable’


“Protesters intentionally set a fire to an occupied building on Broad Street. This is not the only occupied building that has been set fire to over the last two days. But they prohibited us from getting on scene,” Smith said. “We had to force our way to make a clear path for the fire department. Protestors intercepted that fire apparatus several blocks away with vehicles and blocked that fire department’s access to the structure fire. Inside that home was a child.” read more

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  1. 🔴 The State of the Right-Wing, 2020 🔴

    🔴 The left wing with lesbos, anarchists, welfare recipients, Antifa, communists, socialists and every bit of left-wing SCUM offered to meet your on the battlefield in the streets, right now… WHERE WERE YOU?

    🔴 You had the best opportunity in 50 YEARS to corral your enemies in a confined space, get your militia-types, with silencers, folding stocks, and all your fancy guns and ammo to cut them to ribbons, did nothing! All you need is a “sleeper cell” of 5-10 people you know and TRUST. Any more than that, you are asking for government infiltration that will shut any plan down before you even leave the parking lot. WHERE WERE YOU?

    🔴 The left wing (give them credit) can organize and burn down things they don’t like, topple statues, and make social change, funding, and even apologies in many cases! What about things you love? Do you have have 10% of the fight that they have? (And they aren’t even using guns! Stones and matches!) Obviously not. Other than the Florida ballot count of 2000, the right wing are VERY unorganized and lazy.

    🔴 Where are you to organize mobs? Where are you to find pressure points such as police chiefs, prosecutors, politicians, principals, school board members, and harass them into compliance?

    🔴 Where are you collecting money together to make sure you can pay for bail and friendly lawyers on retainer? Zero.

    🔴 Where are you to protest, argue, protect the sanctity of marriage met the purple-haired weirdos on the street and throw fists, while they were storming churches and harassing non-compliant priests (using pressure points effectively) and voting for single issue politicians? Gay marriage is legal now, where were you? You lost that battle? Shit, you lost the WAR!

    🔴 21st Century sacrifices to Ba’al, A.K.A., Planned Parenthood. Where are you to shut that garbage down, protest, riot, loot and threaten people who collect tax money for such things? No where.

    🔴 Our police, where are you to demand the worst scumbags be weeded out, protecting the brand name of the profession? No where. Just make excuses, “Not ALL cops are bad!”

    🔴 Where are you pro-police people helping to protect precincts from arson? I thought you were pro-police? Go out and assist.

    🔴 Where are you when principals remove the American flag with the excuse “Someone was offended” –yeah, the PRINCIPAL was offended. Where are you to show up en mass, go to his home and throw molotov cocktails? No where.

    🔴 Where were you to protect our over-used and illegally used military around the world? How many shattered limbs and shattered homes and lives lost chasing around the latest dirtbag in the Babylonian region that has had some king dirtbag for the last 4000 years?

    🔴 Where were you to organize to storm churches, drag out their pedophiles and kick the crap out of them, chase them out of town because they rape kids and get away with it? How about the dioceses Bishop? How about the district Cardinal? Go get those scumbags, they know what’s going on, where were you?

    🔴 The universities, another institution you just didn’t bother to fight for, now it is firmly in the grasp of the radicals and their ever watchful shock troops, the radical student body. How many tools in the box does government have to control the publicly funded universities? A TON!

    🔴 The only thing the right wing has is empty threats. 🔴 “Yeah, if there is a civil war, we will win easily, we have all the guns an ammo!” –“There IS a civil war right now Reg! It’s happening now Reg, right here, it’s very simple, get up, go out the door and DO something!” (Monty Python Life of Brian)

    LAZY AND UNORGANIZED. That’s what stops you from keeping the country from sliding into the abyss, which it already has. How many cities have fallen into a putrid morass of decay unable to ever rise again?

    🔴 Seriously, is the country worth fighting for or not? I say yes, because it’s all we have, and I say no because every institution is so hopelessly corrupt, trillions in debt, mismanaged, abusive that perhaps it would be better to join the left wing with cans of gasoline and help burn it down the rest of the way and start over.

    I WARNED YOU REPEATEDLY that the only solution is to secede from these people, and the latest billion dollar riot won’t be the last.


  2. The most detestable words ever uttered: “So that it won’t happen again.” ….and again, and again, and again.

    Whose cars were blocking the streets? They’ve got plates, right? Who owns them?

  3. Our moron Governor Lamont and the Connecticut State Police allowed thugs to walk up exit and entrance ramps and block Interstate Route 84 last night during rush hour yet he would have had shop and restaurant owners arrested it they opened to the public. Lamont continues to push the lie that blacks are being killed by the police because of racism. If you are a cop you are 18 times more likely to be killed by a black person than a black person will be killed by a cop according the the CDC and they wouldn’t lie now would they? So how do you explain the 10,000 or so blacks killed every year by other blacks?
    Racism is not the problem, the systematic destruction of the black families, and families in general, starting in the 1960’S by the Democrats is. Government schools have for the most part failed generation after generation to the point that society as a whole has been dumbed down.
    Hell is approaching fast and the hand basket is starting to catch fire.

  4. The FBI is busy tweeting about their support for lbgqt month and how diversity is our strength===right now during riots.

    Student who put up ‘it’s ok to be white flyers’ expelled from school and interogated by FBI counterterrorism unit.

    The FBI is our enemy. They are not on the side of law and order. They are on the side of the leftist cause.
    They can’t be bothered to do something about the cities burning down. Because that’s being done by leftists.
    But they can swing into massive action if a guy puts up an its ok to be white sign. They try to convey the idea that he’s a terrorist.

    There’s your fbi in action.

  5. At risk of offending even more people than I already have, there’s something else that has to be pointed out.

    Mankind is utterly without excuse. It’s not me saying it, that’s What God says. Yes, I’ve pointed this out before.

    But did you know neither the time we live in, nor any other time in human history, is the ultimate proof of man’s wickedness?

    Oh no. That time is yet to come, believe it or not.

    After the great tribulation and battle of Armageddon, there is coming the *literal* thousand year reign of Christ from the throne of David, physically and bodily ruling over ALL the world.

    It will be a time of enforced peace and undelayed justice like the world has never know as every nation will come to kneel before Him.

    Yet despite the beauty of those days, towards the end of them Satan will be allowed to inspire men to form a final rebellion against the blessed rule of the King. It will be crushed immediately, but it proves the point that EVEN THEN, even in a perfectly run world under the beneficence of God Himself, Man will still be wicked! The heart of Man will STILL hate Him!

    Do what you can to improve your lot in these darkening days. Be angry and vexed by spreading wickedness and lawlessness. Just don’t be suprised that things in general have never fallen uphill and aren’t going to until He rules.

  6. Gee, you mean that turning your city over to a mob of violently rioting anarchistic nihilistic totalitarian morons is a BAD idea?

    Who woulda thunk that?

    I’m shocked!

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. If you were too afraid to do what needed to be done at the outset, you are hopelessly lost now that things have spiraled out of control. Get out of the away and let real men make the decisions of what to do and what needs to be done!

  8. @Gonad the Barbarian

    Re: FBI “It’s Okay to Be White”

    This is EXACTLY what I am talking about.

    The right wing is absolutely PATHETIC, I gotta take a break from you people, honest to God.

    ⏺ You organize your MOB
    ⏺ You go down there and find your target, Chancellor AND the police who did the investigation.
    ⏺ You protest and go to their personal homes
    ⏺ You get in their face and make them miserable
    ⏺ You pool your money and bail out those who get arrested
    ⏺ You collect a whole bunch of sympathetic lawyers, judges, and prosecutors when you need them, right now you have none.
    ⏺ You start a riot, flip over cars if you have to
    ⏺ Anyone who loses their job, you pool your money and make them heroes to the cause
    ⏺ The next person who tries this shit, they know what’s going to happen to them, it’s DOG TRAINING! You have to swat these people with a newspaper a few times before they automatically do the right thing.

    All talk, no organization, no action. Just wait for Fucker Carlson to tut-tut and wag his finger at the scumbags. The liberal George W. Bush passive tactic “If I turn the other cheek, people will see that we are better people” FUCK YOU! You get abused is what happens.

    You people collectively are just wildly ineffective, and a waste of time. I don’t want to hear any more tough talk and sticking your tongue out at the left wing how superior you are to them and how bad they are, shaming them doesn’t win wars. Organizing and kicking their ass wins wars, and you are LOSING!

    You think cities wouldn’t burn to the fucking ground if Republicans impeached OBAMA for something stupid? You OUGHT to be in Washington chasing down politicians with pitchforks and torches for impeaching him for what Biden was guilty of.

    You all are just TERRIBLE at this game, pathetic.

  9. ” The only thing the right wing has is empty threats.”

    That seems to be their philosophy, it pretty much defines them.

    They prove it on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day, now.

  10. If Gauvin’s boot on the neck of Floyd killed him then the gov of Minn’s boot on the neck of every person in that state when he locked them down killed people, too.
    Gauvin was just trying to keep people safe, just like the gov of Minnesota.

    If Gauvin is guilty, so is the gov.
    If the gov is innocent, so is Chauvin.

  11. @mithrandir

    I personally don’t want to be led by mob rule. I want to be led by a gov’t that follows the laws.

    And that’s why it absolutely disgusts me that our elected republican reps do absolutely nothing to make sure the laws are followed and the fbi and doj don’t just go after political enemies.

    If we are going to have mob rule, then why do we even need elections?
    If it’s mob rule, then both you and i are just as guilty as the rest of the republican party that you speak against.

    We just had a lockdown that the left wanted and the right didn’t and our elected representatives on the republican side went right along with it. That’s what i find disgusting as hell.

  12. “I personally don’t want to be led by mob rule. I want to be led by a gov’t that follows the laws.”

    So write your Congressmen and State officials to tell them this.

    I’m sure they’ll pay attention and you’ll get the results you want.

    The same way out founding fathers did when they constantly petitioned England for their rights as British subjects.

  13. ” The only thing the right wing has is empty threats.”

    They weren’t intended to be empty, they were expected to be backed up by the rule of law. Had they been, the threats wouldn’t have been empty.

    But as the last week demonstrates, rule of law is rapidly coalescing onto the shoulders of one man who shouldn’t have to bear it by himself. This too I believe is partly by design, so the Left the world over can point and say “See? Here’s the orange dictator we always told you he was,” even though his hand was forced BY THEM.

  14. fire fighters and first responders should just run over people stupid and evil enough to attempt to make the life saving efforts of these people undo able

  15. bike mike
    JUNE 2, 2020 AT 8:57 AM
    “fire fighters and first responders should just run over people stupid and evil enough to attempt to make the life saving efforts of these people undo able”

    …once again, as tempting as that is, there are several reasons, both political and practical, that you can’t do that.

    First, look at what Tim Schmitt, founder of USCCA, says here.

    Around 1:15, he speaks of a former employee of his that felt called to law enforcement. He speaks of how good hearted and dedicated this man is…and how he fears for him and all LEOS because they are now burdened with dealing with the results of ONE guy who rekindled the whole thing because of his actions that has indelibly smeared an ENTIRE profession in a way that’s getting people killed.

    But at least that’s what LEOS are trained and equipped to deal with. Fire crews are NOT.

    The political reasons this is not a good idea go back to the ’50s, at the dawn of the Civil Rights movement. As I mentioned before, fire crews to this day are tainted for that time 70 years ago that one company followed the orders of a Democrat and used their hoses on protestors. Not even lethal, and even 7 decades later the image is STILL a powerful Civil Rights icon and one that fire departments nationwide will ALWAYS be tainted by. In the age of Facebook and Democrat enemedia, killing even a rioter that was not a direct, obvious threat would get firefighters nationwide killed. Immediately. And because of how quick social media is, most wouldn’t even know war was declared on them before being attacked. The Internet doesn’t stand around for context, it’s all raw and visual.

    And there’s NO doubt liberal mayors, governors, etc., would condemn them without facts, IMMEDIATELY.

    Practically, fire trucks aren’t built for that, and fire crews aren’t set up or trained for that. Most emergency equipment, BECAUSE it is EMERGENCY equipment, doesn’t even LOCK, and it CERTAINLY isn’t armor plated. You see the guy with the tanker truck that got yanked out like Reginald Denny and beaten? It’d be like THAT if you smeared a couple of them, and I’m sure they’d quite enjoy setting the fire truck on fire. Also, even if by some miracle you made it to the scene, a 4 man fire crew drops 2 in air for SAR purposes who are going to be in the building, an officer, probably in-air too and so with limited vision, usually at the door, to monitor their progress and nightlight the exit, and an engineer at the unit to run the pump if they took a hose in, and to handle County comms.

    That’s it.

    No guys for scene protection or to even set up a tape cordon on the initial attack, and in a riot situation, there probably won’t BE any more. The engineer and the officer will get jumped quickly, the interior crew will lose water or maybe even have the hose yanked out of their hands if the rioters move the unit, and will also be overwhelmed IF they make it back out of the building.

    And again, you’ve just given a multi-ton vehicle filled with axes, pike poles, forcible entry tools like the Halligan tool and battering rams, and maybe even a Jaws of Life…to rioters.

    Ya think that might be a PROBLEM?

    …also, at the end of the day, that’s not the intent of this apparatus, and not the mission of it’s operators. I’ve been attacked, by patients, by families, by bystanders, by people that didn’t know or didn’t care that my uniform was EMS and not Police. I’ve had to defend myself and my patients, run from gunfire, disarm people trying to knife me. It happens. I dealt with the threat, then had to treat the consequences.

    Unlike Police, anything EMS breaks, they have to FIX.

    But this is an unwanted side effect. The core mission is healing and life, not violence and death, and once you turn an ambulance into a weapon for any but the most extreme of threats, you’ve betrayed your oath to Man and God, turned the public perception of the truck from being Fire Engine Red to being Blood Red, and you can then expect to be treated accordingly.

    Everything is situational. I don’t know if they knew a child was there, how close they got, if they knew LEO was coming from another angle. Reports are that they were blocked by vehicles, maybe they could have pushed them, maybe not. I wasn’t there so I can’t judge. It ended as well as it could, so I’d say what they did was correct. Like Ecclesiastes 3:3 says, “A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up”. Only those there would know which time it was.

    But shifting the public perception of “Fire Truck” to “War Wagon” in the middle of nationwide riots should be avoided to the greatest extent possible. In times of limited resources triage is used to determine with a cold calculus how to do the greatest good for the greatest number with the resources you have on hand. During a mass casualty incident it means people may die that normally wouldn’t, so you can save more people quicker. It sucks, but its an unavoidable fact in emergency medicine, a truism that can’t be wished or shamed away. Always been there, always will be. At the end of the day, you can’t save eveyone.

    Making people hate them and fear them, however, to make an untenable situation even worse, will help NO one.

    Rioters aren’t listening to your explanations, and don’t care about your context.

    And they are FAR more prepared to kill than YOU are.

    God Bless and protect those men and women dealing with this. God bless those who, against all odds, saved that child.

    And may God see fit to let those rioters who stood in the way damn themselves to a well-deserved firey hell with NO hope of rescue.

    THAT would be Justice…

  16. grool June 2, 2020 at 6:23 am, “Yet despite the beauty of those days, towards the end of them Satan will be allowed to inspire men to form a final rebellion against the blessed rule of the King. It will be crushed immediately, but it proves the point that EVEN THEN, even in a perfectly run world under the beneficence of God Himself, Man will still be wicked! The heart of Man will STILL hate Him!”

    grool, this explains the growing lawlessness of our society and the left’s hatred of all that is good. It has been repeated throughout history.

    I remember when I was young wondering how Hitler could have fooled so many and how the Jews were lead to their deaths without a fight. Now we see it happening again.

    As you have said before – we should not be surprised. God’s Word tells us that Satan’s hatred of God will infect all who reject God.

  17. George Pal’s THE TIME MACHINE is an all time favorite of mine. When his best friend asks why he’s so obsessed with time, Rod Taylor replies,

    “I don’t much care for the time I was born into.”

    Every person in history can say that at some point, I suppose, and they probably feel they have more reason than anybody else who said it before them. Who can say. I know I don’t care for these days.

    But I also know it won’t go on forever. If I die before the restoration of all things begins, fine. I’ll wake up for the Big Show.

  18. Preach it, Grool! You too, Claudia.

    The world is fallen; there are no answers here. These events are going to proceed as the Devil sees fit. The only answer is to repent. It’s a simple choice, really: repent or perish. Kinda like New Hampshire: Live Free (Repent) or Die (Perish). Choose Jesus or continue to serve the Devil. Even if you don’t consciously make a choice, you’ve made a choice.

    This isn’t a death cult. You are expected to defend yourselves and your families. You are expected to fight for right, and that is to serve the will of God. You are expected to be free in Christ. Pretty easy choice; once you’ve chosen Christ, the rest of this stuff falls into place.

  19. grool
    JUNE 2, 2020 AT 10:30 AM
    “George Pal’s THE TIME MACHINE is an all time favorite of mine. When his best friend asks why he’s so obsessed with time, Rod Taylor replies,

    “I don’t much care for the time I was born into.””

    …JRR Tolkien goes there too…

    “Frodo: I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.
    Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”
    -Tolkien, “The Fellowship of the Ring”

    No one wants to be the one the spinner lands on when evil HAS to be dealt with. It’s just human nature to kick the can down the road as far as you can, for as long as you can, so that’s what we DO until the can can’t be kicked any more.

    Well, tbe can can’t be kicked any more.

    Evil never blows up out of nothing, though, and often COULD have been diminished or destroyed if, like a cancer, it were caught early.

    But that’s HARD.

    …Hitler COULD have been stopped MUCH earlier. He SAID what he was gonna do. He violated international law. He was very weak when he started. He COULD have been easily destroyed when he took the Rhineland or during the Anschluss certainly and there were plenty of good, lawful reasons to do so…but it was HARD. Raising armies is a pain, and besides it wasn’t anyone they CARED about, so the can got kicked down the road.

    Right into WWII.

    …Slavery COULD have been dealt with at the foundation of this Country and was recognised as an issue by no less than noted slave owner and Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, who said during Missouri statehood debates,
    “… but this mementous question, like a fire bell in the night, awakened and filled me with terror. I considered it at once as the knell of the Union. it is hushed indeed for the moment. but this is a reprieve only, not a final sentence.”
    – Jefferson to Holmes, April 22, 1820″

    …but no, it was too hard, to divisive for the young nation, so even a great man such as HE…kicked the can down the road.

    Right into the Civil War and even today’s riots.

    There are too many other examples to list, but the point is, that evil in our time COULD have been stopped, but the fallen nature of Man makes it so it isn’t.

    The can is kicked down the road in favor of “laissez le bon temps rouler”, its just easier.

    Until the can can’t be kicked any more.

    Well, it’s OUR can now. Doesn’t matter if we like it or hate it, we must deal with it.

    And it’s too big for us.

    Defend we can, but pray we must. For our own salvation. This doesn’t end until the Lord comes back, He says so Himself. All we can do is buy time for each to find his own way to the Lord in the short time we have left.

    That’s it.

    There’s no hope in this world or in Man.

    The ONLY hope is in the gift of salvation from the Lord.

    Bad times are coming. The best thing to do is to be taken up before they are fully come, by the Lord.

    …as Mr. Miyagi says,

  20. SNS,

    Yes, the Germans wanted what Hitler promised and actually delivered (for about 10 years). They wanted order and they wanted revenge. So yes, he did tell them what he was going to do…which in the early 30s most of Germany wanted.

    The problem here is, global Communists ALSO said what they wanted to do over a hundred years ago. Made it very plain–a clear threat to any free country.

    Yet nobody over here seemed to notice, listen, or care. Many just never were told, early on.

    In other words, we don’t compare with the Germans. Maybe they should have known better but they got what they wanted AND VOTED FOR.

    OUR watchdogs never barked early enough to make a difference over here, so now we’re terminally infected near to the point either of radical, painful surgery or certain death.

  21. …Wasn’t talking about the Germans, talking about the REST of the world, notably Chamberlain, who COULD have stopped him, COULD have read Mein Kampf, and COULD have ended it in the Rhineland, whatever German citizens did or did not want. The point is that the evil started well before it came to a head, but exploded inti the deaths of millions only AFTER “good” men did NOTHING.

    I could have said the same for Communism, Islam, etc., Islam in particular because they’ve told us what THEY’RE about for 1400 YEARS, but I had this doctor wanting to take the stitches out of my knee at the time so I was kind of rushed.

    As to MODERN evil, as I said, the CURRENT…NOW…TODAY crisis COULD have been stopped at the inception of the Nation, COULD have been stopped when Jefferson gave his warning during the Missouri Compromise, and maybe even COULD have been stopped if Lincoln actually repatriated the slaves to Africa, whether they came from there or NOT, or if they either never said “40 acres and a mule”, ir actually GAVE “40 acres and a mule”. ALL examples of points that it COULD have stopped TODAY’S issues, but did NOT, so here we are, and ever SHALL be until the Lord comes.

    Just the way it is. Not arguing merits or disadvantages, just saying if Man wasn’t always weak and worrued about convenience, this would never have happened.

    That is all.

  22. Agreed, but our biggest immediate sociopolitical problem has been and remains exactly what McCarthy said it was. Alas, I fear it’s too deeply rooted now.


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