Rick Perry Lets Congress Know GAO’s New Definition Of Office ‘Furnishings’ Is Absurd

Daily Caller: Energy Secretary Rick Perry notified Congress he spent just under $10,000 to refurbish his and his deputy’s office, according to letters sent to lawmakers Friday evening, which by The Daily Caller News Foundation obtained.

Perry spent $4,652 reupholstering furniture and painting his office, while Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette spent $4,993 doing much of the same to his office. Perry sent the letters to Congress out of an abundance of caution.

The Environmental Protection Agency violated federal law by building a $43,000 secure phone booth, or SCIF, and not notifying Congress,The Government Accountability Office (GAO) ruled on April 16. Effectively, GAO redefined a SCIF as office furnishings and improvements, expanding its previous interpretation of federal laws.

“In the interest of transparency, this letter serves to inform you of the recent renovations and the Department’s concerns related to the GAO’s opinion,” Perry wrote to Sen. Lamar Alexander, a Tennessee Republican and chair of the subcommittee overseeing Energy Department funding.

SNIP: And it goes on to say-

(…) A sampling of Obama administration Energy Department renovations to the Forrestal building comes out to more than $10.3 million.    MORE


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  1. Very glad to see that someone is raising the question of fraud, waste and abuse. There is nothing amusing about the corrupt excesses of this gov’t. Go to any metro area and notice that the newest, most expensive buildings, have been built for municipalities, counties and state gov’t. Go inside these buildings and see the luxurious finishes, furnishings and technologies.

  2. AA,
    I think it took me a few decades to amass 10K worth of furniture let alone reupholstery fees.
    But then again, I built a lot of my own stuff.
    Milk crates and cable spool Coffee tables were my early Americana.


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