Rick Perry Stops Uranium Sales After Lawmakers Hold Up DOE Nominee

Daily Caller – – – Energy Secretary Rick Perry is placing the Department of Energy’s (DOE) uranium sales on hold for the rest of the year after a lawmaker held up a DOE nominee over the practice.

During a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing Tuesday on the DOE’s 2019 budget, Perry told GOP Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming the DOE would stop selling uranium for the rest of the year and possibly longer, The Washington Examiner reported.

Barrasso has blocked the Senate from confirming Anne White as the DOE assistant secretary for environmental management since January. The Wyoming senator held up White’s nomination to protest the DOE’s process of selling excess government-owned uranium, which has suppressed the domestic uranium industry, especially in Wyoming.  more here

5 Comments on Rick Perry Stops Uranium Sales After Lawmakers Hold Up DOE Nominee

  1. Wait, the US Government thinks we have “excess uranium”? Which we sell to other countries, who have plans for “our” uranium?

    What could go wrong?

    All through the 1930s, while Imperial Japan made war throughout Asia, FDR was just fine with selling war materials, steel, fuel, rubber, gunpowder, and military technology to the Japanese war machine.
    We got a lot of that “trade” fired back at us from December 07,1941-1945.

    “History may not exactly repeat, but it generally rhymes.”

  2. About time. These uranium sales destroyed the domestic uranium mining and processing industry by flooding the market with low priced uranium oxide from the strategic stockpile for far less than domestic production costs.


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