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Rick Perry’s N.H. campaign staff fades

WaExaminer: In the newest sign that Perry has written off New Hampshire, top strategist Michael Dennehy told WMUR that he has not received payment since June or heard from anyone on the campaign during the past month. MORE

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7 Comments on Rick Perry’s N.H. campaign staff fades

  1. What a shame about Perry. He had an impressive record in Texas to run on, for sure. Then, he totally RINOed Out by rushing to the cameras to denounce Trump early on in a pathetic bid to be liked by the press. And for that reason, he’s dead to me.

  2. The Trump thing didn’t help, but he lost me with his comment in 2008 that we are heartless bastards to not want to give illegals college educations.

    Drop dead, Rick. Plus, you’re too slow on the stump to bump Trump.

  3. Three things went wrong in Perry’s campaign:

    1. The glasses didn’t make him smarter.

    2. He’s just another pro-illegal immigration Republican.

    3. Um… er… What was #3 again?…

  4. What impressive record? He’s a koranimal knob slobber, supports commie core, thought he had the right to require an experimental vaccine on young girls and didn’t do a damn thing about illegal alien invaders.

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