Ring Our Church Bells on Easter Sunday

Jerry @jaljr on Twitter posted this message:

My wife has an idea – If churches cannot gather on Easter Sunday, then all churches across the US and around the world should ring their bells for 3 minutes (for the 3 days Jesus was in the tomb) at 1100a local time. Tell your pastor. Make this go viral. #RingTheBells #HeIsRisen

What a wonderful idea. I have contacted my pastor about this.

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  1. “…at the end of the alimentary canal…”

    It sounds the same coming out of either end.

    But we digress.

  2. I support this completely.

    I DO NOT support the IMPOSTER in ROME!

    The Justine Turdeau of the Catholic faith of which I am/was a member.

  3. If your church doesn’t have a big bell, small bells rung by the members of the congregation in their own homes at the same time would work fine!

  4. The 14 day isolation should be up by Easter in most places, but if they can keep us from worshipping God, they’ll drag it out. They are manipulative, demonic people running many States.

  5. I live right across the street from a Catholic church with a bell tower, I’d love to hear it on Good Friday as well as Easter. And why not the Liberty Bell as well. Let Freedom ring all across the land. My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty. Land where my fathers died, land of the Pilgrims pride from every mountain side let freedom ring…. every kid knew that song by heart when we were little back in the 50′ and early 60’s

  6. @Leslie: “…but if they can keep us from worshipping God…”

    Don’t let anyone ever try to tell you that they can prevent you from worshiping God. They may restrict assembly for that purpose, but the worship of God is done by the individual, whenever they want, at times with others. And our very country is founded on that principle. It is our bedrock.
    Should the time come that worship is prohibited, the noise to be heard will not be that of church bells.

  7. The mohammedans can go hump a goat for three minutes that morning (guess they better pop 3 Viagras that morning, too!).

  8. @Gladys – thank you for appreciating the beauty that exists in mankind. I pray that it will make a resurgence.

  9. In our town a large group of pastors (including ours) have already agreed to hold a large multi-denominational service as soon as possible after the “corn teen” gets lifted.

  10. @ Zonga

    Just heard PT update. Almost sounds like it won’t be up before RC Easter. I might be wrong. The thought just occurred to me on how interesting it would be if RC gave a week forward and Orthodox gave a week backwards and we celebrated together at least this year.
    I think we are 2 weeks apart, please correct me if I am wrong.

  11. Great idea. I live in the country. Not much of a church goer and the closest one is over a mile away. But I can
    make and distribute flyers about bell ringing at 11 on easter morning. And i have a big bell that is the same tone as the harbor bell in nantucket harbor

    I’m on it. Can’t wait to hear that joyful noise.

  12. Lazlo has a church nearby with a bell visible. If I don’t hear it at 11:00 am on Easter I’m going down there with my new slingshot and my new biodegradable clay shot and do me a scene from El Dorado


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