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Ring Shaming Sites Are One of the Reasons I Don’t “Believe All Women”

Believe all women? When they can be this cruel, heartless, petty and shallow? Pfffft.


Imagine this, you find an engagement ring in your partner’s nightstand but you don’t like it. So you go to social media. That’s what one woman did. In fact, she posted it to a Facebook page completely devoted to criticizing engagement rings. On top of that, it’s becoming a popular trend.

It’s becoming more and more popular on social media.

“I think it’s extremely hurtful and it’s something that should not be going on,” says NDSU Student, Olivia Hammerschmidt.

And you’ve probably never heard of it before.

“I just heard about it today,” says Hammerschmidt.


People are angry at this woman who found her engagement ring and bashed it on Facebook


But you’d hope that if the relationship is right, even a less-than-glorious ring will be celebrated. It’s about love not diamonds, right? That was not the case for one couple. There’s uproar on Reddit in response to a woman who decided to ‘roast’ her engagement ring online, posting a photo in a Facebook group with the caption ‘Ewwwww’.

‘Self shame Friday here I come,’ wrote the mystery woman, along with a photo of a sparkly ring. ‘Found this in the BF’s nightstand. Not a fan. ‘Please roast and then tell me how to tactfully say no you need to go get something different.’ (Picture: EvilCowEater/Reddit) At least she wanted to be tactful. That Facebook post was shared on Reddit, where it quickly racked up criticism. ‘This is the saddest thing I’ve seen on this sub,’ wrote one Redditor.

‘It’s one thing when it’s a total stranger, but when someone that’s supposed to love you unconditionally acts like a grifter it’s just plain sad.’ ‘I hope he sees this, and then RUNS,’ wrote another.


Some women will not be able to see the connection I’ve made between #MeToo and ring shaming.

If a woman can humiliate the man they ostensibly love, in public, what else are they capable of?



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  1. Jeez! Ok he didn’t get the ring you thought you deserve and so move on… Why post this? You are hurting someone you supposedly loved.

  2. if I was the guy I’d say, “oh sorry, this wasn’t for you … I don’t buy baubles for ‘one-night-stands’ or such as you … no offense … thanks for the fuck”

    what? .. you haven’t left yet?

  3. Ya know when me and the wife first got married, we were doing alright, but sure as hell weren’t rolling in the dough. Her wedding ring reflected that. Years later we WERE rolling in the dough. We attended a dinner party with a bunch of assholes, and suddenly I’m shocked at how small the diamond is on the love of my lifes wedding ring. At that time I could buy or sell most of them. We got home and I told her you need an up grade in wedding ring. Her response was, why. So I told her. She laughed. She said “No I like this one. It means a lot to me” Last dinner party we ever attended.

  4. That girl will never be happy
    and what ever that dude did “it would
    never be enough…” bug out dude.
    Was she spoiled as a child ???

  5. People today don’t get married to stay together, they go into it thinking it’s easy to get out of it if they don’t like it. Love is not really a factor.

    A majority of women are sorry bitches, especially the younger women and they think they’re entitled and men are just a meal ticket.

    BFH asked awhile back about saving a dog or a person and although I still hope I would save the person, I find myself thinking about it from time to time when I see or hear some stupid person and wonder if I would pause and wonder if I was saving a POS that makes life hell for all of us.

  6. I sacrificed, worked, and went to the the diamond district NYC. I taught myself about the four C’s. I figured out how to deal with diamond dealers. Then I made my moves over multiple days and got my wife something that she can place in our bank’s deposit box for the rest of her life!!!

  7. This ‘trait’ of hers just didn’t happen overnight.

    He was an idiot for wanting to marry her in the first place.

  8. I don’t understand jewelry. I know what it is. I just don’t get it.

    A stone can be pretty or placed in a unique setting or accessorized with whatever. But its just a decoration with a crazy price tag that could be replicated for a fraction of the cost. And most people would never know the difference.

    Where’s the Equality in expecting a guy to pay three months salary for an inanimate object that does nothing. That’s a new bedroom set, new appliances, a car, a down payment on a house. A down payment on your life together.

    All for maybe a few grams of gold and,at most, a couple of the 140M carats of diamonds mined every year to show off to people you don’t like as a display that you have value.

    Not this bitch though. She’s worthless. Run, don’t walk, for the door.

  9. Now that I think about it, my wife has never had a diamond ring. At least not from me anyway. We’ve been a couple for 36+ years now, I’ll ask her if she needs a diamond ring.

  10. This is beyond disgusting and cruel of her, if her boyfriend is someone that she LOVES then even a plan band of silver should be like a band of diamonds to her.

    She could always haggle about the WEDDING ring but the engagement ring is HIS choice. He bought it because he loved her, the idiot. He ought find someone who actually loves him.

  11. Who said he wanted to marry her? Perhaps it was a family heirloom that he kept in his drawer and she assumed it was for her. Either way, GTFO! Dont’ pass go, don’t collect $200.

  12. There are all kinds of pages on facebook where women bitch about men. Most are cruel and are members only. They only serve to let insane, childish women support each other’s crazy.
    C. Blasey Ford is probably on a few herself. Making up stories about men she wishes she were good enough for.

  13. Tell her to pack her trash and go digging somewhere else. An elephant ain’t got that much pussy!

    He should thank her for the flashing warning sign about how much of a bitch she was going to be.

  14. Bridezilla in the making. Dodge a lifetime of misery, return the ring and leave the empty box in the nightstand for her to find.

  15. Back in the early ’70’s when my wife and I married, we had a silversmith make silver rings for the occasion (no diamonds).
    After 46 years, neither of us wear the rings, but we are still in Love.
    Our relationship has never been built upon “things” or what other people think. Diamonds aren’t forever……Loving relationships can be.

  16. Geeze. Some women.

    The one time I was engaged (only lasted 4 months … thankfully), I told him to not buy me a ring. Save the money for something important.

  17. Narcissism is a never-ending dig for the depths of SELFISHNESS.
    This sick woman needs to be shunned, by everyone.

  18. She should be flattered that he wanted to put ANY ring on her!

    I hope he runs and never, ever looks back, and the new woman loves him and the ring!

  19. There is the old joke about the woman complaining to the jeweler that the engagement ring is the wrong size. He looks at the ring on her finger while saying, “We can make it any size you need, but it seems to fit your finger perfectly.” To which the woman replies “The diamond is too small!”

    Have had this type of thing happen a number of times while being in the business. One story below…

    Couple came into the shop and the woman says, “Look at this…” Then proceeds to criticize and demean his choice in engagement rings (not purchased at our shop) while he is standing there next to her. This goes on for over forty minutes while see picks out the replacement and the poor smuck stands there and takes it. Many stories…

    From the other side of the ledger have had them come in alone with things purchased from the internet, because ten minutes there gives you all the knowledge you’ll ever need to make five figure purchases. “Can you fix this?” Explain what is wrong and that the adjustment/repair is not what is correct or proper to standards. Suggest that if it was purchased with credit card it should be returned and start over. To which she replies, “I could never do that to him.” Redo the mounting in a fashion to make it secure, but using a head for a stone 1/2 carat bigger than the stone in the ring.

  20. Seriously? When Jim and I took off together, we had nothing. He said as far as I’m concerned we are already married, but I want to buy you a little ring and promise that when you turn 18 I will marry you. So I got a little $15 friendship ring. Years later he asked me if I wanted a “real” wedding ring and I said I already have the ring that means the world to me, I don’t need anything else. He bought me a little 2 acre place with a barn and built my dream fence and let me fill it with horses, goats, dogs and every other kind of animal. Who needs a bigger ring? God I miss him but I am so happy he is no longer suffering.

  21. Hey Rotty, I sure hear you.
    I have a plain white gold band and I sure don’t want any rocks on it. I have had it for 48 years. I never could figure out how a woman does anything with her hands with a stone on the ring. Maybe they don’t do anything much.

  22. Amen, Rotty! The ring is a symbol, nothing more. It’s what the ring represents that’s important.

    Too many Bridezilla shows catering to women’s baser instincts. When I’ve been unlucky enough to catch a glimpse of that show, my prayer is that the guy cuts and runs before he gets legally tied to the bitch.

    Feminism also caters to women’s baser instincts, and it certainly doesn’t make them any happier.


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