Ringo Starr is 80

Feel old?

I do.


Make a Beatles song about old age –

Strawberry Ensure, Forever

She’s Leaving The Home

I Saw Her Shuffling There

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  1. I was just 70.
    Couldn’t hold in my pee.
    I cover my sneezes so I can catch my dentures….
    I pooped my pants in front of your mother… Ooo…
    she saw me standing there.

  2. He’s a pretty cool character, he sounds very humble.

    Much of my growing of age back in the 60s had The Beatles as the soundtrack. I’ll still put on one of their albums and memories will flood back, kinda like what some smells(my sense of smell is dead) do for some.

  3. “Elanor Rigby” could be about old age as it IS “Look at all the lonely people”, just throw in sonething about COVID for an update…

  4. Actual Beatles song titles that could be about old age.

    Twist and Shout
    Don’t Bother Me
    I’m Only Sleeping
    I’m So Tired
    If I Fell
    Drive My Car

  5. Had to delete my last post, thought he was dead! 🤭
    Hey Jude I Thought I Was A Dude
    Yesterday All My Hair And Teeth Are Now So Far Away
    Damn these are corney! 🙄

  6. “I’m Sittin’ on the stool
    and I’m tryin’ to make a poo
    and you know it don’t come easy…”

  7. …I started to rewrite “Something” for old age, and the further I got, the more it seemed I was mocking the very real illnesses and diseases of very real old people, some of whom are literally fighting for their lives here. This in a world with no respect for their elders, that is actively trying to denegrate, marginalize, even outright murder the elderly with COVID so satan can take over quicker, and even after watching both patients and friends die of old age after being horribly mistreated in nursing homes, I’m gonna mock that?


    I don’t like Ringo or anything he stands for, and especially not his buddy McCartney, but the most I will say about their approaching demise is that the nice thing about sickness and death is that it happens to your enemies too, and leave it at that. I want to see McCartney’s neck broken quickly at a very public hanging, not his few remaining wits and abilites rot away slowly as it becomes a race to see if his skeletal, vascular, hepatic, renal, or neurological system kills him first, if a tumor doesn’t do so beforehand.

    Old age is nasty. And anyone who lives long enough will suffer it soon enough.

    I wont’t wish it on anyone.

  8. Starkey is having a virtual concert with a bunch of white B-Listers and a benefit for…..

    Black Lives Matter


    Anyway, Happy Birthday Ringo.

  9. 66 years ago i was a fan of the originator of “The Bakersfield Sound” (later joined by Mrele + Merle. Merle 2 (“Are The Good tTimes Really over for Good?” I think is by far the most faomous of the Bakersfield boys , which is fair since he was born nearby.
    Only folks in the West listened to Buck when Ike was President. But in England Ringo + Paul did. They would 10 years later cover many of Bucks’s songs.
    Ringo had a gold on “All I gotta do is Act Naturally”!

    Abut 15 years later he recorded it again with Buck.

    Ringo likedWestern music so in my book he was (56 years ago) and still is ok!
    80 IS NOT OLD!

  10. the only beetle with staying power if you ask me.

    the rest sucked in their solo careers.

    most of the beetle songs sucked as well

    i turn up ringo songs

    i turnoff the rest of them

    love me some back off boogaloo

  11. Yesterday…What Happened?

    You’re Going To Lose That Hair

    The Long And Winding Road to the Cemetery


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