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RINO Studies

What happened when California replaced a Dem governor with “girly man” Schwarzenegger.


With aid from the postal service, illegal voters, and an audit-proof print-your-own-ballot scheme, Gavin Newsom remains at the helm in California. This outcome invites a look back at 2003, when Californians succeeded in replacing a Democrat governor, and what that might mean going forward.

Under Gray Davis, a former assemblyman and state controller, bands were adopting names such as “The Rolling Blackouts.” On October 7, 2003, 55.4 percent of Californians opted to remove Davis and replace him with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. With 48.58 percent of the vote, he prevailed over more than 100 candidates, including actor Gary Coleman, Arianna Huffington, and pornographer Larry Flint.

The triumphant Schwarzenegger posed with a broom and promised to clean house. He declared war on government employee unions and promised to “blow up the boxes”—the maze of boards and commissions that serve as soft landing spots for washed-up politicians. For the “Governator,” it was just another acting job.

The star of Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator, and Kindergarten Cop quickly abandoned reform and became a strategic ally of left-wing Democrats. Like Harry Tasker’s terrorist foes in True Lies, they were “all bad.”

After Bay Area voters booted State Senator Carole Migden, known for verbally abusing her own staff, Schwarzenegger appointed the Democrat to the waste-management board at $132,000 a year. more here

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  1. This is about 90% or more of the Republicans elected. Milley admitted today Meadows and Pompeo were Trump handlers. Even Trump couldn’t find any loyalists except maybe Peter Navarro.

  2. I have lived in the West for most of 78 years. This analysis is totally wrong! He was the most conservative Gov in Cal FOR 1 YEAR!(1) Then the Bush/Soros folk got to him and said join us an we will make you president.(2) The “Bush Republican” speaking at the RNC was not the man that had been Gov a few months earlier; but he was the “Bush Republican” of today! A real life Jekyll and Hyde!

    (1). In his first months
    Arnie did many, many conservative deeds!dMore than any Gov, Including the man I voted for 4 times(primaries included).

    A. He cut the Workers’s Comp tax in half. A any lib telling you it is insurance is a Bush liar. ! was a CFO for decades. Had my Company not paid the tax many bad things would have happened: Likely in less than a year The state would have taken over our bank acpounts! We would no longer be able to write checks! Then the Gov would have sent the “SS” to arrest our CEO and “Prog march” him to jail!

    B. He cut the taxpayer subsidy of “wind Farms” in half!#!. Conservative analysts have said for decades that some of these “farms” would die in less than 2 years without taxpayer $. Most would die in less than 6 years!

    C. He totally abolished the car tax Davis created before the election.

    I am not writing another dissertation; but if you want more conservative deeds Arnie did; ask and i will enumerate.

    (2) In the next election BOTh UNIPARTY MEN WERE NOT AMERICAN BORN! What the Soros/Bush men told Arnie was not out of the question! They lied only in the non American born man they wanted! I did not vote for the traitor!

  3. ^ I do recall much of that, ol exJarhead. After getting elected, he then “morphed’ – but I never knew why.

    Unfortunately, the way he is now, other Republicans have copied him and gotten similar advanced degrees in ‘RINO Studies.’

  4. I received several response letters from Arnie (not form or boiler plate) on various items like judicial appointments who were conservative friends of mine, but there was one on an election where the Republican running for state senate lost by a wide margin. Gov. went on the news saying the we needed “redistricting” in that part of the state. I wrote a letter to Arnie stating that the reason the Rep. candidate got his ass kicked is because he’s a crooked POS and even the R’s don’t like him. Hell even I voted for the Dem. who’s platform was to build a better health facility for the Veterans! The Repub. only claim to fame was he was the Mayor the bankrupt the City of Stockton, Ca! Arnie wrote back saying OH! Thanks for your input!

  5. Swartzy started out strong, but failed – he was in way over his head.

    He knows he failed, so to compensate, he runs into the busom of the left.

    Arnie: go fuck your maid again.


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